To get a certain flea treatment you need a prescription (£19), you then upload a photo of it and can buy 6 months worth. What would stop you doing this on more than one site? Are the pet sites in cahoots?

Got any fraud planned?

They probably pop a code in from the photo and then the code deactivates if someone else tries to process the code

Flea treatment police would be on to you.

I just slap my own bass

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Hahahaha, Balonz has fleas!


There’s no reference number. There is our name and address and the name of the cats though.

Is there any kind of cyber hologram?

Let me get out my UV light that I use to look for spunk in hotel rooms.

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Do you collect spunk?

I’d quite like a fake ID that says I’m a student/under 25

Yes, got any?

You’ll have to get your UV light on me.