Fray Bentos

  • steak and kidney
  • steak and gravy
  • vegetable balti
  • cheese and onion
  • just chicken
  • minced beef and onion

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How long before the It’S nOt rEAllY eveN FoOd brigade arrive.


They’re all too busy in the sourdough slime thread.

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I voted by accident when I was trying to click out of the thread. Never even had one.

They’re not even food

never had one, but wouldn’t turn my nose up at one if offered or I fancied one


Getting this in before anyone else

But it’s NOT even food. It’s a Cuban leader that’s been in power since the revolution in 1959.

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They’re fine. Not gonna win any awards or that but nothing wrong with them and a lot of low-income people and foodbanks depend on stuff like them. Definitely at least a tier up from Rustlers etc.

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They’re my staple Foodbank donation. Wait til they’re on offer for £1, then buy up a trayful, that’s 12 meals.

Never had one but I eat a supermarket pie once a fortnight. Usually go for chicken and bacon.

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imagine eating a kidney.

that’s fucked

Nice in a pie or with some mustard sauce.

The vegetable Balti is fine for the price when a £1.

They’ve brought a new vegan steak one, which I’d be interested to try.

Not really a fan of pies, that just have a pastry top though.

Might change the note on my standing order to specify that it’s for pies.

Pie is just bad bread

Here he is!

It’s overlooked that they also do meatballs

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Never had a fray bentos but I’m afraid to start cos I’ll like it

Not by me, my friend.

you going to sit there and tell me that pie crust tastes better than bread?!