Fray Bentos

No, but who on earth is comparing them? Different things for different times.

Gaston Ramirez is from Fray Bentos, cheeky Gaston in the oven, I might start saying that.

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just take what you put in the pie and have it with bread, I think you would like it

That’s who I was trying to think of! Thank you!

It’s no more fucked than eating any other part of an animal.

Imagine killing an animal for food and not using all the edible bits?


I tend to agree but especially the kidney

Mmmm delicious hot steak and kidney on toast.

maybe you should have just had marmite then


Ok I’m lost now. I have eaten bread before. Sometimes it’s nice to have pie. Why does one thing have to be ‘better’? Just have what you feel like.

I like how this isn’t actually a question

why not put your favourite pie on a barm!

remember them being good but haven’t eaten one since the 90s

It’s time for brands to be more creative with tins


It doesn’t have to be I’m just of the opinion that pie is not nice and when I think about it it reminds me of stale bread

Don’t get people who happily eat meat but get all squeamish about liver or whatever. In for a penny in for a pound (of tasty kidneys)


pie is very medieval, thank you milord thrupny bit baked in a pie

Don’t know what pies you’ve been eating but generally pie crust has much more flavour and texture than bread. Obviously they’re different things but both very nice in my view.

was gonna drop my knowledge about the history of pies but I realised I’ve had this exact conversation on here before, maybe twice

was it good knowledge?

just tastes of grease and misery to me