Frdy Bnl

You know what to do.


Moved stuff and got my drinks trolley in order although the trolley is severely lacking booze.
Off to sainos tomorrow to rectify that!!


Got enough glasses there??

It is the six year anniversary of my first date with my partner today. We will be marking the occasion by her being mildly irked about me commandeering the telly for Yeovil vs Manchester United this evening. As such I think I’ll get a posh M&S dinner in on my way home.


It’s a very contentious topic at the moment that I am not at liberty to discuss

(I have an additional 12+ glasses in the kitchen and in a box!)

Just made a disappointing cup of coffee

Hi everyone! Day 9 of being ill and I coughed up blood today yay! Doctor not too worried for now but if it gets any worse over the next 24hrs it’s another weekend trip to a&e for smee wheeeeeeeee!!

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Do you celebrate just the first date as your anniversary or is there another date to celebrate?

Beans / method plz?

My left ankle is officially hurting slightly more than my right ankle right now.

Interestingly, on Saturday afternoon the opposite was true.

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Just had my end of year appraisal and want to burn everything, before turning the flames on myself.

And my coffee’s gone cold.

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Are you getting dinner for both of you?

I am trying to word an email but I always think I come across as either really rude or polite to the point of it looking sarcastic in officious text form

Also general MISERY abounds

There isn’t any other date to “celebrate” (that I’m aware of, it would be quite bad if there is one that I’ve forgotten about)

my folks used to have a trolley just like that, I used to put my star wars figures on it and pretend it was the death star


Yeah. I’d have thought so

Get well soon pal x


Getting ready to head to the airport. Flight home is at 19:40.

I cannot wait to be on my couch.

At least doing that’d re-heat your coffee.


GWS mate :heart:

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