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This is the Banal thread. Take your interesting facts elsewhere.


Ikea single origin(!) ground coffee and drip filter (

Didn’t put enough coffee in so it’s a bit weak. Cup this morning was 8/10. Might need some scales for the office :face_with_monocle:

Just trying to liven things up a touch.

Sorry to hear that Smee. Please take care of yourself.

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IKEA?? Fuuuuuuuuuu.

38 minutes to beer

Weird stuff in my office, people getting moved around and promoted or fired and stuff
Nobody has spoken to me yet
Might get a pint


so bored, so bored and so hungry

Promised myself I would only snack on fruit today so I’m going to have a suma and a cup of tea

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Thanks tone, underpants, and emo.

@elthamsmateowen how are you feeling? I think I’d be crying if I was you

the little food shop right at the end is my favourite bit in the whole shot (and I LOVE the rest of it too).

looked at the normal ground coffee, which I didn’t rate, and saw this smaller packet for twice the price. Bought it obvs

I work VERY close to HQ and just found out I can buy beans there :relaxed:

Bought for our wedding guests to enjoy

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Oh I’m close to the Royal Exchange one. Apart from getting a free coffee the day they opened, I haven’t been back. Wild and Wood is too good.

Felt stupid to say it (probably is) whilst I was dishing it out in the Crime thread but feeling fucking cripplingly depressed the past couple of days
need the docs probs

gonna go for a walk whilst there’s still some daylight I think

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look after yourself, hope you feel better soon!

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Waiting to go into my job interview, wish me luck.


break a leg!


:confused: :hugs:

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Please get the job