Remember when they just used to leave vowels out of words to make them sound cooler? Crazy days.

Anyway, enough reminiscing. What are you up to today?

It’s a zoom free friday for me, AND the big project this weekend has been postponed, so I’m planning on putting my feet up and enjoying the calm.


Morning Rob et al!

It’s a Zoom-free Friday for me too but only because we’re not allowed to use it anymore. I’ll be appearing on Teams throughout the day though.

I’ve got twenty bits of work to mark and an activity to create before then. I might get started in a bit.

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fuzzy from late night + three pints. Good times though

half day and Monday off, so that’s prettttty sweet. Muddle around for a few hours, chat to my manager, off to sort out life and plans for a bit, then got a mate coming over for dinner + film (probs)



morning Rob/all who follow

need to breeze through this day of work then 65dayofstatic later. :beers: :musical_note:

should probably try and tidy a bit too so I can be extra lazy over the weekend :eyes:


Zoom-free Friday for me cos I have a day off. Hanging out with the father in law and going to see a wedding venue this afternoon. Not much else on the horizon today.

Morning all

Wife is going to the MEN for the Davis Cup today. I am not jealous and that is the party line on the matter.

At the vets in half an hour for them to check how she’s healing. She’s still really struggling to get comfy and doesn’t understand why she can’t come upstairs :cry:

From my very untrained perspective it looks to be doing okay so will hopefully be good news.

Assembled an IKEA table last night, have one screw left over

  • There’s an extra screw
  • You missed something :grimacing:
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Great day today for lots of reasons:

  1. I’m on annual leave for the first time in about six months after an absolute slog at work
  2. It’s our wedding anniversary and we’re both away from work
  3. We’re going on our summer holiday tomorrow…
  4. …and we’re staying at a hotel this evening before an earlyish flight
  5. Beforehand, to make the most of the day, we’re going to head to Bristol and have a lovely time.

Hope everyone else also has superb days.


morning everone, been a strange week here with really low energy and mood skirting about the event horizon, which is strange. not sure what’s bringing that one mind you.

might go for a walk to the bakery to get a manky doughnut with the dog.

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Morning everybody :wave:

We got up and went to the park with a friend and her dog and walked for an hour and a half, even tho it was early, even tho it was raining, this is huge for us! I feel really good from it, I really hope we can keep up this habit.

Work now, and then the 65dos afterwards, probably see like half of you lot there.

Have a nice dayyyyy :slight_smile:


I had that table. Great design if you need to save space.

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Quiet day at work. Grateful. Wfh’img. Very tired atm.

Had the tortoise microchipped yesterday and very proud of him for letting the vet handle him finally without hiding in his shell.


Good misty morning. Perfect for some cobweb photos

CW: spider

In the office again, looks like another beautiful day


@Scout @carrion occult catalogue has landed


Morning. Morning.

Off to Paris today. Sorry, PRS. Very excited.

Downloaded a few eps of Lupin and Call My Agent for the journey :fr::fr:


got a Vimto energy drink.


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Random: I got a coronation street shirt recently from Joanie. It makes me think of you. Haha.

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Today is new bed day! Exciting.

My bf is back today but out this evening so I’m thinking a bit of a flat tidy and organise and paint with some tasty food and tunes/films. Nice easy Friday night.



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