What is it??

I already want it

unusual tactic, but worth a try



On site with a client, in an open plan office. Forgot to take my meth this morning. Should be… interesting.

And by “interesting” I of course mean “painful”.

P’s second settling-in session at nursery so I have 2 free hours. Meeting R’s pal’s dad to play chess :metal:


I always count all the bits out before I start so I know I’ve got everything I need to finish it, but as an extra benefit it would mean any extras would be identified before you start.

If you have missed one out and it’s structurally important, you’ll probably realise the desk is wobbly before it gets to the stage of collapsing though, so if it seems fine it probably is

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Have you ever had 20 litres of beer burst out of a bag and go absolutely all over you? You simply haven’t lived.


Yeah, I am normally more organised but there were so many bits all mixed together in a massive bag that it would probably take an hour just to do that. I’ll keep it labelled and save just in case but fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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sexy jennifer beals GIF


Live footage of me at approx. 8.20am.

Off to Manchester for the weekend - gunna be a good one :blush:

Boring dream post

Had a really detailed dream that I was on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Getting there and the production team showing me the ropes and stuff behind the scenes and then when it began I was worrying about how I was being perceived and how I needed to actually start talking or I’ll go down as the dullest contestant of all time. It was set somewhere like Manchester, all the jungle stuff was just a set. Fucking bizarre, I can’t make any connection to my recent consciousness to explain why I dreamt about that.


Was up early to catch a flight to Berlin for the Atonal. Disappointed to miss stuff like Caterina Barbieri and aya last weekend but lots to look forward to.

Morning. Bit hungover. Want a bath. And some food and a coffee.

Not quite but I did drop a box of about 20l of beer when lifting it from the boot of my car outside my old flat and every single bottle smashed on the floor. Still remember it as one of the saddest moments of my life - not only having to clear it all up but then having no beer to cheer me up at the end of it (of course I went to get more though)


This didn’t even have bottles to break the fall, just pure beer, all over the place. Tragic.

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I’m managing five in fifteen minutes, followed by a twenty minute break. I’ve got five left and then a class to plan.

I’ve listened to None Shall Pass by Aesop Rock and Beloved! Jazz! Paradise! by McKinley Dixon. It’s going to be a load of noisy metal after that.

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Possible slogan for my indie club night Lads On The Smash.


I got up at my target get out of bed time this morning! :raised_hands:t2:

The people who do Swiftageddon are launching another night which looks made for me but I probably won’t ever get to go because I don’t have any London friends anymore :cry:

Thought about going to Manchester and making a long weekend of it but can’t afford train+hotels etc atm :sob:


Woke up early and did some fantastic pre work shagging. Moonwalk.jpg
I was on rare great form and afterwards them my darling partner was that dazed that she forgot to put the dogs lead on before taking him for a walk and he legged it. I then chased after him down the street in my boxers and a pair of crocs, delighting the residents of Harrogate.
He decided he was coming home before I caught him and then it looked like I was some sort of sex offender walking down the street.
That pumped after that I’ve done about 3 days work this morning