Freaking Thursday

Well hello there.

Seems my brand is now sending awful poetry to people. I wrote this yesterday. it needs work. My brain needs work.

Swifts dart over the great lake
While the mallards squabble below
Pussy willow lines the air, the dewy down of its mattress matched with pillowing clouds above
A chorus illuminates the sky with lilting laughter
A dragonfly hovers amid the meadow
On the horizon, hazy figures in tandem
The skies now empty save for one distant plane
But not the ground below
The elderflower is tipsy in the light breeze
The egret looks for his next meal
The girl sits alone and watches
A day in the life of one field

Happy Thursday. Have a great day x


My brand is being woken up at 4.43 am by some incredibly loud birds. Possibly crows? Fucking hate birds. Utter cunts.

Right, time to fail to get back to sleep for a couple more hours.


I’m a loud bird. Soz.


I’m also awake. Dunno why.

Today I need to come up with a quiz for our family Zoom later (any ideas???), and write something for the bike club’s weekly email.

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It’s funny how our sleep patterns have just taken on a life of their own isn’t it. I went to bed at about one am and yet here I am at five awake…and not particularly sleep deprived?

I know I’m not in your area Niki but I’d love to join your cycling club emails just to have some motivation.

It’s light outside now! Hopefully the weather will be similar to yesterday and I’ll sack work off at three pm to go and get some more casual skin burning. I look like a loon.

I can always forward them on!!!

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I’ll dm you my email. thank you!!!

Btw for your zoom quiz…I always default to music. Songs about Corona?

2nd in the queue at Tesco
Waiting for the doors to open
At 6am
Fuck’s that about?


Hahaha. Second isn’t bad!!!

Things I won’t miss about lockdown…


No one has attempted to make casual conversation with me. I consider this a good thing.



Would you care for some casual conversation?

@NoahVale that was a haiku!


Last week I was #3.
#1 and #2 were making casual conversation about “where things are at” which basically consisted of confirming “what a great job Boris is doing”.
These are now my people.
Doors are opening. Bye x


Anyway, I didn’t sleep amazingly well. Was quite hot, so left the curtains open for a breeze, but then woke up at 5.30 and couldn’t get back to sleep.

I’m not sure what my brand is on a weekday. Moaning about work, probably.

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Watching Thomas (proper Ringo with proper models and that, don’t worry) with Tiny Stack as he seems to be really enjoying the Brio today.

Finally started on sorting the cupboard under the stairs last night so my records and CD’s have a home again. Gonna do some flat pack today and possibly re-upholster our dining room chairs. Significant chance of making a pie to use up some stuff as well. Is this toxic productivity? Probably just boredom.

We have too many toys.

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Now coffee
Carry on with S5 of the wire (my god it’s bad)

Also nice poem @tilty

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Got a few general knowledge ones from work if you’re struggling for questions/answers


that would be great if it’s not too much trouble forwarding

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