No Friday thread? Can’t see one so here we go…

Still on leave, hanging out with the boy today. Getting camping gear ready to head to Galloway forest park later for some star gazing; hoping to see some Perseid meteor shower action.

How are your Friday’s panning out DiS people???


Got 3-4 hours sleep in the end I think, read about a quarter of the neurodivergent thread instead. Currently in the park walking the dog before it’s too hot. Had good house buying news yesterday and it’s almost the weekend, so that’s nice.



Loads of work calls today which is not good on a sunny Friday

Glad it’s the weekend but plans are a bit minimal at the moment tbh

Morning :wave:

Mr s_w is off work today so we are off down to Trentham Gardens for a wander and some breakfast before it gets too warm. Need to go B&Ms too at some point. Oh and the cars going for an oil change this afternoon apparently. Then think we are round my brother-in-laws for takeaway tea tonight. All in all a decent Friday.


Going to a gig this evening, which I’d normally be looking forward to, but I suspect the venue will be completely unbearable in this heat.


Big shop came at 6.30 - fridge full of beer, cider, cava, cream soda for the underage drinker, and tofu.

There’s works party this afternoon that I’m hoping to swerve altogether as actually have to do some work instead.

Currently sat on a bench in a bleak precinct waiting for a shop to open and the pigeon man is sat opposite me chatting to his shoulder pigeon and blowing him second hand smoke. Never felt more regional England in the 1980s.


About to leave the cool Norfolk coast and head into the inhospitable, fiery depths of Suffolk to visit sis in law.

Going to stop off at Brandon forest park for a walk, assuming it’s not too hot amongst the trees.

Dropped Taylor off for her MOT earlier, now at work listening to Silver Jews, packing orders and refreshing my email constantly to see if the solicitor’s been in touch.

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Got my phone nicked out of my hand last night walking down Pentonville Rd. Guy road past on a bike and swiped it. Didn’t even see him coming.

Quite annoying / upsetting but at least I’m OK physically I guess.

Today I’m tying up loose ends of work, and packing for holiday.

Off on a three week French road trip tomorrow. Gonna eat all the cheese. Gonna drink all the wine.

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Only in Manchester!!!111


Morning campers, hi de hi! (Haven’t thought of that for ages)

Slept pretty well last night with all the upstairs windows and curtains open. Woke up early though (but did get back to sleep for a bit). Went out to Wickes first thing (like, 7.45am) to get some hinges and staples for the staple gun and it was boiling already.

Was supposed to be going to Thurrock for work today but I’ve rescheduled. Instead, a day of featherlight admin and listening to music awaits.


He has actually appeared on the only in place thread!

Oh that’s well annoying. Did you back up pics to the cloud?

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Morning all!

I’m wearing shorts at work for the first time ever (aside from changing into football kit on my way out). It feels good and professional.

I forgot my apple so I’m snacking on Rice Krispie treats and Tunnock’s wafers from my snack drawer.

I need to finish an induction presentation and ring a manager about a job.

I’m having leftover curry for lunch.

Very happy Friday for me after receiving an email from BA saying they’re gonna give me like £700 for cancelled flights! Part of it is actual free money, the other part is paying for the alternative flight which I’m also arguing is free money but husband is like “it’s not cause we already paid it” but we had to get home from there anyway so it’s technically free but he’s like “no the flight was free” argh!

Nice weekend planned :heart:


Having another one of those days. Got to do some hefty people stuff at work later, as well as a 12hr day, so yeah, having a worrisome day so far. Plus the unrelenting heat man.

Yeah, didn’t lose anything important

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off to see some Ian McKellan action later, which should be v good v cultural

standard work til then, though think I’m actually at the stage of being able to tick a load of things off my list without much effort. Woo!

irked at a stupid ebay issue, just give me my record maaaan

ooh, iced latte time

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