Free all-dayer in Cardiff - 25/01/20

Hey everyone!

I’m putting on a free all-dayer in The Moon, Cardiff on Saturday 25th January. The line-up is awesome, so thought some people here may be interested. It’s a mixture of electronic, math rock, post-rock, punk, indie, doom metal and post-punk.

The line-up is:
Honest Thieves (punk rock)
Kikker (post-punk)
Sous Les Paves (math rock)
Conformist (experimental electronic)
Live, Do Nothing (indie pop)
Blue Amber (post-rock)
Jaxson Payne (experimental electronic)
Lung (doom metal)
Italia 90 (punk rock)

The Facebook event page is here:

Doors are at 15:00. Did I mention it’s free?

Hopefully see you there!


Cool - I can vouch that both Conformist and Jaxson Payne are worth seeing.

@colossalhorse, you fancy it?


…actually, might work to get a Cardiff Meat together - you know a couple of other board-folk who live nearby don’t you.

Also - @Ruffers - am I right in thinking you’re based in Cardiff?


Correct and this does look good but I’m already going to a show that eve! Might drop by in the afternoon though

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Fair enough - I can only do the evening, so will probably miss you. I’m putting a gig on on the 17th actually (featuring Mr Colossalhorse aka Veins Full of Static) - not sure if electronica is your thing, but if it is you should come join us…


Aw hell yeah, I’ll come to that for sure :slight_smile:


Great - just edited to add the link. Also at the moon. I’ll be around from 7ish, doors at 7:30, music from 8:00

I believe the wife* is having a day out with her mum that day and I promised I’d taxi them about. I’ll have a word and see if there’s any wiggle room.

I hear Jaxson Payne has a great live show but I keep missing him. He’s doing a Cosmic Carnage show in Feb that I’l be at though.

*not planning on referring to her that way often but the novelty hasn’t worn off yet

I’ll try to come along to this too. Keen to discover more local electronic acts, as I’m just finishing an album I wanna try to do live at some point.

@Ruffers Which show is it you’re going to? There’s a few good ‘uns on the same night sadly. I’d like to head to Verb T in Tramshed and the Maladia show in The Andrew Buchan.

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Yeah going to the Maladia show but will deffo drop by this beforehand if I can! Looks a really good lineup!

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Excellent. I’m putting on (and playing at) another gig in March, and collaborating on two larger events in February and April.

February, Liz is putting on an electronic weekender across Womanby Street which I’m helping book.

April we’re hosting a travelling Electronics open mic night. If you’re looking to perform for the first time that might be ideal - 15 minute slots to do whatever you want with.

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All sounds great. What’s the weekender gonna be called? I’ll deffo come along to it.

What’s your music project called? Got any stuff online I could check out?

The Alchemist is probably my favourite piece. I’m fond of Battle Royale and the Serenity remix on the split EP I did with Steve Hadfield too:

Can’t log onto Facebook from my phone (deliberately set up that way), but will find a link to the flyer for the weekender when I get home this evening.

Hey everyone!

Just a friendly reminder that this is tomorrow! Live, Do Nothing are unable to play, but I’m currently looking for a replacement. Here are the set times:

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Umbromaniii has just stepped in to replace Live, Do Nothing (7:10-7:40).

I’m going to have to miss this tonight I’m afraid. Partner is pregnant and we had a major scare on Thursday - everything is fine as of this morning, but have had around 5 hours sleep total in the last two nights and kinda want to spend the evening I with her anyway.

Let me know about the next one and I’ll be there with bells on.

(Good shout on umbromaniii btw - deep fried acid goodness)