Free costa coffe audit

Latte aye
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Nah, tastes like soil.

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Free soil though


Costa have really monopolised the market on those express machines, bit surprising.

good for the worms I’m farming

part of Coca Cola now aren’t they? Vending know-how.

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Can’t stand Costa. We’re a Starbucks family.


Ths costa you? Nothing!

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Parking their tanks on Caffe Nero’s lawn

how do i get free coffee

Find a Costa machine.

There was a massive queue in Sainsburys this morning when I was getting breakfast. Caffine drones.

The offer runs across the country, excluding Northern Ireland

Cortado crew

I just used it as an excuse to skive work

The worst of the chain cofffees

By far

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Got one of these as my weekly free Nero coffee a few weeks ago out of curiosity as I wasn’t sure what it was, thought it was just less milky flat white or something. Was embarrassed bringing the tiny tiny little cup back into the office

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Can’t really imagine there being much of a difference tbh

It’s just coffee

It is that, just also … smaller too. A cross between a flat white and a macchiato vaguely

You’ll just have to take my word for it!

Other than my weekly free Nero the only place I ever buy takeaway coffee is Greggs cos it’s much cheaper for the same thing