Free crap from petrol stations

They don’t seem to do this any more. My dad used to drive a lot for work, so we had loads of odds and ends free from the petrol. Lots of soup tureen sets, pasta plates with recipes printed on, and novelty drinking glasses.

nope, got nothing. soz.


what? like “hey, you’ve bought so much petrol this week here’s a soup mug”

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just The Sun. I politely decline, obviously

was there loyalty cards involved?

Tiger Tokens:


They gave you stickers to put on a card or vouchers, and there was a catalogue of stuff you could buy for different amounts of them.

Faint bells ringing at the very back of my mind here, but nope. Nothing.

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My dad still has some sherry glasses obtained from Tiger Tokens. I always wanted one of the t-shirts you could get, but I never got one. I bet you that Urban Outfitters have stocked them at some point.

The Sainsbo’s petrol station near me does Free Air


remember when 50% of chris is cool’s posts were bragging about texaco gifts

I know it’s right but tureen looks so wrong.

yeah, my dad used to pick up great stuff from petrol stations all the time.

used to have this cap:


soft drink-branded cooler and beach balls

We had a few of those soup things, plus a couple of flan dishes in the same style. Also Esso, Texaco and Elf hand towels and bath towels. Think I mentioned in a previous thread that my dad used to commute to Birmingham from Nottingham every day for about 20 years, so he racked up loads of free stuff like that from petrol stations and there was a point where all of our towels were from petrol stations.

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and here I am wearing a renault F1 t shirt my dad got free at the petrol station.

Yeah my dad used to go and inspect branches of C&A all over the country and decide whether they needed a refit/stuff fixing for a living, so he clocked up a lot of miles. You can still get him in a rant by mentioning the old Bull Ring in Birmingham, or Cumbernauld.

someone on ebay wants £10.50+postage for a lambert & butler umbrella

Don’t think my mum or dad ever drove far enough, or used the big-brand petrol stations enough, to be able to collect these things, or Green Shield stamps.

I feel like I missed out.

How can you even drink soup from a vessel that doesn’t have another soup recipe printed on it?