Free crap from petrol stations

We were so deprived.

I remember having a big poster of the Esso tiger on my wall when I was a kid - assume that was a garage freebie

I had quite a lot of Smurfs - and I’m pretty sure they all came from garages. Can’t remember if they were free gifts or if you just happened to buy them there

ah here it is

“For a while advertisers used Smurfs to promote Renault, National Benzole, and BP garages and—in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand at least—the figurines were given away when petrol (gasoline) was purchased.”

Think most of the glasses we had in the house when I was a kid were freebees from petrol stations

Don’t remember this, but the thread reminded me of Focus Points you’d get with Embassy #1 cigarettes.

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Nice tache

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I think Shell have a similar scheme involving a loyalty card. I’ve bought my fuel at Shell for about 3 years, they probably owe me a jetski or something.

52 piece matching set of crockery with assorted recipes printed on


can’t believe you never mentioned you were friends with the pringles man

What were the ones in Benson’s? Got a couple of zippos through them.

From the comments:

This may be the finest advert of all time. First, you have an actor giving the performance of his life; channeling Rick Moranis, Elvis Costello and Jacques Tati all at once, while his vocal delivery recalls Gene Pitney and Slim Whitman if they were recently-escaped sex offenders. Then you have those marvelous Dutch angles, Lynchian dream sequences, and those sad shots blue-lit rain falling on the car roof. All of which firmly lodges this advert in the part of the brain that stores rainy afternoons and inappropriate childhood memories. Viva Mobil!

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Gratis Points

I’ve gotta say, I didn’t have you down as a B&H man.

I’d have guessed Lamberts or Embos.

Yes Gratis!

I was the Benson’s cool guy while all the wets were smoking Marlboro lights.

You roached my Gratis point you shit!

my TV was in Poland recently and bought a waffle thing that cost the equivalent of 30p, when he got to the till and paid he was given a bag of crisps and a massive bottle of barcadi breezer! :grinning:


I can imagine the big grin on his face.

My dad ran an Esso petrol station in the late 70s and early 80s so we had an endless supply of free shit. He once came home with some Skoal Bandits promo stuff, which was a type of chewing tobacco in a pouch. I was really narked at the time that they made kids t-shirts for something that was banned for being chewable cancer shortly after. Crates of coke in green bottles was fine though.

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