Free from the eu Friday thread

Everyone feeling more gammony today?

Just arrived in Myanmar. Locals are mad friendly, after Bangkok keep thinking they want to sell me something but they’re just dead nice and really proud that people want to visit their country.

The currency is wild though 2000kyat to the pound.


Baby started babbling rather than just cooing yday and it’s too cute. Woke up in a cracking mood today too. Wish I was hanging out with her and the TV rather than bloody work.

Got an EP out today called ‘Displacement Activity’ which is weirdly aptly titled for brexit day… What a subtle jag, eh? :wink:

Ambient / modern classical / glitchy - all composed in months spent in the weird headspace of awaiting the silly baby’s arrival.


Enjoy your brexit dividend


Got a TOIL day today which is good because we’re getting new blinds fitted. How very grown up and boring.

Reckon I’m going to try to get my hair cut as well because it looks shite.

The pounds gonna be similar this time next year

Hold on to a bundle of those Kyat and you’ll be the richest man in the UK on your return.


My goo spoon is sharpened and ready for action. Ohhhh boy we’re gonna feast.


Overslept. Listened to new Dan Deacon. Here until 3.00. Viewing a house. Zzzzzzz

My brain woke me up this morning by pointing out how many foods there are in “Shakespeare”. Shake is a bit of a stretch, but there’s hake, pea and pear. And if you’re really going for it, iam.

Thanks brain. Really helpful stuff.


Working until 8:30pm and today is audit day. Really cba.

Some people would probably eat an ear



There’d be a thread in this if there wasn’t a champion anagrammer* in the community.


Happy independence day everyone!

Am I a joke to you, keith

Going to look lovingly at my European residency card and hope for the best. Gammony twats.

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Sorry - as part of my Brexit celebration I am not reading obvious information before plowing ahead with whatever I want to do.

It’s the British way.


The best day.

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Should probably call my Dutch immigration lawyer.