Free Mens haircuts

I’m looking for models/clients for FREE men’s haircuts overseen by experienced senior barbers. These are available every Wednesday between 10am – 3.30pm and Friday between 10am- 6pm (the odd Saturday too) in Portobello Road/ Ladbroke grove area. ⠀
Direct message me if you’re interested for more details - I’ve almost finished my Barber qualification and am seeking to increase my speed/ experience.

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@discobot this a pal of yours?

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Mens haircuts should be kept under lock and key.

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Do you do proper haircuts for real men?

May be I should have dugout the recent hair cuts tread and put it in there.

I’m changing my career and am seeking to increase my experience. Let me know if you want a free hair cut.

Was considering a Freemans haircuts parody threads, but couldn’t think of enough Freemans to make it worthwhile. After Morgan and Martin it’s slim pickings indeed.

i do but i’m a lady :((((((((((((((

i would have actually gone for this if I didn’t live the other side of London. :sob: