Free/Name Your Price Bandcamp gems (Rolling)



Inspired by the Bandcamp recommendations thread for their ACLU donation day, thought I’d start a rolling thread about the best free/pay what you want albums/EPs/singles etc you’ve come across on there. Who doesn’t love a freebie?


to start, Distractions by Sauna Youth is on there as Name Your Price now. one of my favourite albums of 2015, that.

same goes for a couple of singles on there too, though you still have to pay for the first album.


Good thread. Nothing to add at this point other than to say:

  1. this sounds alright, will d/l and listen properly

  2. I love bandcamp, but I wish the web player had a volume control. The times I mostly listen to bandcamp stuff is at night through earphones, and at just one click up from mute, it’s a tad too loud.


Ian WIlliam Craig has half a dozen pay-what-you-like albums. I haven’t got through them all yet, but I possibly prefer Zugzwang for Fostex to his three more generally accessible albums:

“Recorded, performed and mixed by IWC entirely on a customised Fostex X-15 as it slowly died because of having customised it. All sounds created using analogue tape, manipulated and circuit-bent tape recorders, a swag spring reverb, the Craig piano, sandpaper, the Reminsky Fatso and IWC’s voice. No digital anythings were employed in the creation of this recording because who knows how any of that stuff works anyways.”


This was a fave on these boards a few years back and rightly so…


A lot of the Ian William Craig albums are available for free on there. (Edit: Posted this before I realised it was mentioned upthread, but it’s worth mentioning twice!)

And if people want some more ambient/drone stuff I strongly recommend Lost Trail.

And the classic 90s emo/rock/post hardcore album by Indian Summer is up there too.


I Made You Something by Island of Misfit Toys.

For fans of Los Campesinos!, Cloud Cult, The Irrepressibles.


Some excellent instrumental post-black metal stuff from The Great Cold:

Edit: that didn’t work, did it? Link here:


So many, I’m currently in a fairly indie, emo, post-hardcore mood so here are the first ones I thought of, Might go ambient later


Compilation of underground contemporary French folk music:

Trust Fund have just release a free compilation of rarities:

Catchy, punky, guitar tunes:

One of my favourites from the last few years:

^ Free PS Eliot albums on that site too.


Seconding the self-titled Swearin’ album. If it had been released in 1990 it would have gone down as a critically acclaimed, best-of-genre classic. There isn’t a second wasted.


Agreed. One of the most addictive albums I own - Never get bored of it. It’s a shame they split.


The latest EP Weather Maker from Low Season is the best thing they’ve ever done. They’re more than a little bit influenced by latter day Fugazi, but that’s a good thing.


Telling you lads. The whole discography is free and its pure gold!



Grabbed this a few days ago- it’s ace, thanks for posting!


Awesome - thanks for paying attention to my mess of a post!


Nice live album:




This is a good one. New release which Goldflakepaint have been singing the praises of: