Free personalised cereal box cover

what exactly is the cover of a box

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Might go for the nevermind cover.


seems like a nice memento

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Its to protect the box in a fun, personalised way

You need to buy two promo packs in order to get your free personalised cereal box cover.

oh I just meant which bit, I assume they mean the front, but is that the cover?

it should say FREE PERSONALISED CEREAL BOX FRONT for clarity

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I’m reminded of the old saying ‘there’s no such thing as a free personalised cereal box cover’. Whoever came up with that one must be feeling pretty silly now!

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They’d be feeling like a total fucking shitbag, in fact

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‘Free personalised cereal box cover’. Count how many times you hear that said. Truth is you simply ‘have to buy two promo packs in order to get your free personalised cereal box cover’.


this kinda stuff is the bread and butter of good threads on DiS

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It’s not bread and butter it’s cereal you nincompoop.

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I think Bammers was speaking metaphorically.

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I think its more of a sleeve than a cover

I wonder if that will catch on with other brands.

A bottle of Toilet Duck with your loved one’s face on, etc

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I have absolutely no time for that kind of nonsense, sorry.

No the sleeve is what holds the cereals

Don’t mean to derail the thread, but does anyone else use ‘cornflakes’ as a generic term for cereal?

I’m catching a lot of heat for this recently.

You’re a disgrace.


look the cover of the box is obviously the bit on the top that covers the box when slotted correctly