Free/promotional tat you've been given at work

Here is a wooden business card box with taekwondo fighters depicted on it.

Here is some weird technical ruler thing that I have absolutely no use for.

What have you got?

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i haven’t been given anything but everyone else in the world seems to own a water bottle with the name of a big data company on the side

We get given branded things when companies come in to give a CPD:

Coffee mugs
Scale rulers
USB sticks

Just before christmas we had a rep from a posh tile company come around to drop off a clock, made from a slab of marble. I’ve no idea what we’re going to do with it.

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Morning officer. I don’t accept any gifts because I respect the laws outlined in the UK Bribery Act 2010 and, as my employer is part of a US-owned business, I also comply with The Bank Bribery Act.


All the wine under my desk came from somewhere else.


Tell the time, probably.


Back in the day new initiatives/ product launches at my place would be publicised internally with free tat left on everyone’s desk

The best/ most memorable were custom rubik’s cubes for all (great for playing with on calls)

No one has the budget for these things anymore - for the best though as it all ends up in landfill probably

We do some business out in some places in Europe that have quite a… flexible attitude to these kinds of things. Someone came back from a business trip out there to find a free MacBook Pro waiting for them at their home.

Fun one to send back.


I mean I feel like penoid rulers probably aren’t covered by the Bribery Act.

Better safe than sorry, infi. Better safe than sorry.

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We had some visitors from Samsung once and they arrived in a minivan filled with TVs, tablets and phones that they wanted to hand out.

Stupid regulations.


Some of our staff went to an IT security conference and got loads of stupid tat which they left for anyone to take. I loaded up on stacks of stickers saying “keep being awesome, cloud ninjas!” and “greetings, cloud gurus!”. Also a tshirt saying “I find your lack of security disturbing”. It’s all so bad it’s good, right?

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dunno what it’s called but it’s like a neckerchief with a plastic thing in it and you’re meant to freeze it and then wear it around your neck when it’s really hot and it’s got a company’s name on it

comes in handy in glasgow.


Also got given a bunch of USB sticks by a big Chinese firm. Might be doing a racism here but I’m not putting one of those in a work computer any time soon.

That box is rad.

I’m a journalist so my entire life is free/promotional tat, spent most of yesterday eating shit chocolate from one of the dozens of corporate advent calendars I got sent last month

It has a very pleasing opening mechanism tbf

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You’ve spilt something purple on the lid and stained it, by the looks of it. Shame with such a nice piece of woodware.


Got a box of fake crocs (shoes) the other day, branded with a dodgy med tech company