Free speech


What are the limits?


There are no limits on free speech.

There are consequences of free speech.


I think a good guideline is: If ‘freedom of speech’ is the best argument you can give to defend what you’ve said, then you probably shouldn’t have said it.


I’m fine with anything that doesn’t annoy me


“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming. Doesn’t she look wonderful ladies and gentlemen. The groom once got drunk and fell over. That was a funny time. Even the cake’s in layers. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the bride and groom.”

There you go, gratis.


This is good


“Your right to swing your arm ends where my nose begins”

  • Paul Scholes


Didn’t study philosophy for nothing :wink:




For me it’s whatever Ricky Gervais is using it to defend.


If you’re ever worried about your freedom of speech being denied then simply put a bit of tape over your mouth.

Told to wait until AOB in a board meeting? Put a bit of tape over your mouth.

Landlord calls last orders whilst you’re in the middle of a rant to a bemused local? Put a bit of tape over your mouth.

Trying to talk to someone in a noisy location and they can’t hear you properly? Put a bit of tape over your mouth.




depends what you mean by ‘limits’

from a human rights perspective, there are lots of balances to be found between freedom of expression and other rights particularly privacy. some rights groups are against, for example, the ‘right to be forgotten’.

it also depends on how legitimate, necessary and proportionate the ‘limit’ on free speech is. even forms of ‘hate speech’ can be subject to disproportionate censorship and excessive punitive measures.

wish lots of people in this country who go on about it would read about some actual examples of unlawful restrictions on freedom of expression taking place.


There was a brilliant /r/legaladvice post the other day from someone who was being punished by their university for standing up in their sociology lecture and illustrating their question of “where is the line when it comes to what words we can and cannot say?” by listing a load of racial slurs. Surely this is protected under free speech, they said.