Free stuff obtained through work

  • Books
  • Massages
  • Stationery
  • Appointment with Dr (?)

They give me free money in order for doing things for them.


Once the MD at a previous place of work openly mocked my fear of flying until I got very upset so he paid for me to be hypnotized to say sorry. It cost about £600. It didn’t work.


Free lunches.

Sometimes free lunches with mayors of small Austrian villages who clearly don’t have a busy schedule.

Woah, this just reminded me of something last night

The entire cohort of a programme came in the pub on a golf tour thing and recognised the guy I was with and brought us both double whisky

So: Double whisky

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It’s usually cheaper and more convenient to not be an arse to people in the first place?

  • Virgin Gym Membership
  • Tickets to any Watford or AFC Wimbledon games
  • Vitality Health Insurance
  • Copies of SEGA games
  • Copies of Football Manager
  • Flu jab
  • Massages (I never have them however)
  • Takeaway food during crunch



Scale rulers and pens from reps. Sometimes USB sticks as well.

Site boots and eye tests from my company.

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that’s quite a bunce, there.

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Car allowance
Home broadband
Gym membership
Osteo/physio/chiro etc
Glasses / contacts

At least, that was at my old job. Get bugger all at my current place.

Really, really good whisky.

Yeah, it was an insanely weird place to work. This discussion only came about because I politely declined a company wide holiday to Marbella.
They were also really into Tony Robbins and would make us hug each other and tell the person you hugged “you’re amazing” at team meetings.

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Once they gave away all the ice cream in the canteen in the winter cos it was going out of date :yum:

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Dare I ask where you work and if there’s any jobs going?

I had a boss who was like this. He had done some bullshit internet course that didn’t legally qualify you to do any kind of counselling.

He later ran off with the business’ money.

fuck that.

I’ve already lined up an excuse for an upcoming team bonding thing in July. which relatively close family member will unfortunately pass away this time…

Incredibly sinister


I got a year’s pass to Brighton Aquarium once free via work. I went to a work event there, and they just gave everyone a free ticket, which seemed ridiculously generous. Excellent destressor though, to be able to just pop into the aquarium any time you liked.

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