Free stuff that you take advantage of but probably shouldn't

Whenever I buy a coffee in pret, whilst picking up sugar and a stirrer I quite often pocket a couple of HP Sauce sachets (for future bacon sarnies). I feel a bit bad but then I do spend quite a bit in there. Anyone else ? nope, just me probably.

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I’m sure pret can shoulder the loss

But just in case I’m going to queen st and showing them this thread


Good luck with that, wrong store Ruffers ?!

A likely story. I’ll tell them to tell their friends.


My middle class/rich person guilt doesn’t let me enjoy free things any more.

Except music plug-ins. But that’s just strings of 1s and 0s isn’t it.

Look at all these free napkins

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kind of miss my dominos scam. wasn’t free stuff, but 50% off forever. used to get feasts for 9 euros.

Sometimes when I’m staying at a hotel, just before checkout, I’ll go into the bathroom and take all of the towels and use them to clog up the plug and just leave the bathtap running.


Whenever I make tea or coffee at work in the cafe I take a handful of Biscoffs back with me.



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Used to use a new email address every time we got a Morrisons delivery so we got a free new customer gingerbread man.


When I’m in IKEA I’ll take all of those little pencils they give away for free and throw them on the floor.


this is what I’m talking about. Good work Funkster

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I like to take the little pens from bookies and distribute them to schools in low income areas so stick that in your bum and stroke it.

I am intrigued how did this work

When I’m in a bank that requires you to fill out a “paying in slip” (my bank doesn’t require this) I always make sure I grab at least 50 of them in case I ever need them at a later stage.

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I gather God’s water in my dehumidifier and then turn it into Ribena with Ribena that I have stolen from a local leisure centre.


At work, I like to take advantage of the internet bandwidth by starting each day by installing Dropbox and downloading my 1.5TB worth of data onto my laptop. Then at the end of the day I uninstall it again.

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Haha I started doing this other week, a little Tabasco, a little brown sugar

I dont use sugar so having Pret stuff for guests is good