Free stuff you got from the street

This is a thread to document any free stuff you get from the street.
You know where people leave a box of stuff outside and say TAKE IT because they can’t be bothered to go to the tip.
Got this the other day

A huge lawnmower. Mine is falling apart, so why not? Might be the least compact compact lawnmower ever though…
Other free stuff from recent months includes

Some kids books
A wooden cat, that sits in our front porch
A lovely kids wicker chair that my children broke within about a month

Any Free stuff you got from the street? (FSYGFTS)

Mrs Safebruv is a nightmare for this. Literally every time she goes to put the rubbish in the communal bins she comes back with something.

This week she’s brough back a pile of wood, a framed Beatles print and a aromatherapy set diffuser thing


As I left my house yesterday afternoon someone had left two tomato plants on my drive. On my drive back home I thought, oh if they are still there I’ll have them. They had gone. True story.

A set of saucers with the logo of something called the Irish Mercantile Credit Union on them.

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Loads of books. People do this round here all the time. Quite like it.


Outside The Lexington last week. Was tempted but didn’t take it…

Found an old typesetters tray that you’d pay loads for at some kind of vintage market. Now wall mounted containing all sorts of small trinkets.

To be fair, looks like a decent brolly. I’d go back for it.


Ooh its great isn’t it? picked up a guitar, framed map of the world and some kids books recently. Not bad.

I’ve given away more than I’ve found over the years, but I have a nice rocking chair in our living room which was free to a good home a few years back.

I can see grandpa CCB chilling out in a rocking chair


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