Free to use word processors


I’m looking to update my CV and had previously used a now expired Microsoft Office trial. Really not wanting to have to pay for that sort of thing if possible.

Any ideas? Only basic functions required, any help at all would be much appreciated.


OpenOffice is your friend.


think there’s an online version of word. no idea how shit it is

I use libre office, the superior version of open office (not sure if this is true)


pen and paper


If you have an Office 365 account (through work, for example), you can download the whole Office suite onto your personal machine.


Google docs

You can then download in word format. Easy and free.


Open office is good


Was going to say this. Think they have some fairly decent looking CV templates.


i hear ‘open office’ is a platform that would work


Google docs is better than open office IMO.


not this


Cheers, appreciate the info.


Libre Office


I think Open Office is Now called Libre Office