Free Voice Lessons (Basics of Singing) at Singing Life

Singing is the art of producing musical sounds with the voice and augments regular speech by the use of sustained tonality, rhythm, and the most important thing, a variety of vocal techniques. Sure the one who listens to songs are known as the listener (Song listeners) but the one who sings the songs are called singer or vocalist as well.

If you are the one who is interested to learn singing but due to busy schedule can’t join any Musical Training Institute or center then don’t be sad I have best alternative for you.
As World is moving toward digital so you can learn music online as well, There are lots of music training Sites / Teachers available.

You can Learn Music On Youtube or you get paid skype classes as well

If want to know about more sources to Learn Music then I suggest you to go check out singing life Blog.

Singing Life was the one of most helpful source for me to learn music when I was struggling to learn hope you are going to get advantage from it as well.

Thabk you, this is v informative. I suppose i fall more into the (song listener) category in general.

Although… i have tried singing:


Very glad someone finally took the time to explain this; it’d been confusing me for ages. Thanks Mark.


Can you also teach me how to speak?

@markhenery taught you to speak… he couldnt teach you to love

all the above

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Oh God! Turns out I’ve been getting the drummer and singer confused for years now. To say I’m a bit embarrassed is the least of it.

That explains why I never got any of those lead singer jobs I auditioned for using a fucking trombone then.

Typical drummer, TBH.

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