Free weekend in Manchester 🤙

Offer of a lifetime! Stay at mine for a summer weekend. Raid my chai! Marvel at my garden foxes! Get me a new high score on a Switch game of your choosing. I’ve been told the flat is, paraphrasing, “a pretty nice place” more than once

Ok, it comes at a cost…

Anyone wanna catsit for me the last weekend of July? The cattery is full.

He’s a needy boy so need someone who’ll be there overnight for him, obviously you can come and go as you like in the day but he does like attention. He is, however, far improved on the neediness scale now he’s on his good boy diet.

Fri/sat/sun night pls :pray:

Happy to contirbute to travel costs a little as it’d be saving me over £70 in cattery costs.


~Fig testimonials available on request~

Unless the Queen has gone and thrown another spanner in the works of routine bank holidays, the next one in England is the last Monday of August

Oh good grief, google calendar tiny preview doing me over with scottish bank holidays again.

Edit: forgot i don’t have unlimited annual leave so just fri and sat night then i guess :thinking:

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Apparently i am joking. Updated the title


Regal mode

Cuddle mode

Catnip mode

All modes preprogrammed for your stay

One of the visiting foxes who may bless you with their presence


i can vouch for the flat being “pretty nice”


I might be able to do this.

I’ll have to check with my partner and work though, which could take a little while.

If someone else comes forwards before me, by all means go for them.

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How’s he with adorable dogs? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Siamese are good with dogs!

Though it does require some work so you’ll have to send the dog to live with me first to acclimatise :heart_eyes:


might be able to help out if needed

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This might now be happening the weekend after