Free yoghurt audit (no chat)

Wtf. They were giving out free yoghurt at Bristol Temple Meads this morning. And then a different company was giving out free yoghurt when I arrived at Leeds!

What’s going on???

Please document below whether your local station has been giving out free yoghurt today.

Local station: Totnes
Yoghurt status: Dunno.

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when I went into the kitchen in the morning one of my kids had turned a yoghurt pot upside down on the seats at kitchen table. So just a load of yoghurt everywhere. That was free for me to clean up

Local Station : pretty much equidistant between Brighton and London Road stations
Yoghurt Status : not a scooby, but more likely at Brighton than London Road

Got 2 tubs on my way home from work. Don’t like yoghurt much but it’s a free breakfast for tomorrow.

Urgh, @Avery remember the free yoghurt at Bestival :nauseated_face:

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mmmmmm! delicious wading yoghurt

searched free yoghurt on Twitter and the only mentions are Leeds and Bristol. You seem to have hit the jack (yoghurt) pot!

Uh oh just realised we’re not supposed to be chatting in here :zipper_mouth_face:
Sorry Pervo!

Oh gosh, I hadn’t noticed this was a no chat thread. You reckon the repercussions are gonna be severe?

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Local Station: There are no trains in Ireland.
Yoghurt Status: Nil.


Local station: Totnes
Yoghurt status: Dunno

They were giving out yogurt out on Market Street outside Tesco’s on Wednesday. It wasn’t that close to a train station.

No free yoghurt at either New Street or Selly Oak sadly.