🆓 Freebies: a compendium 🆓

oh just remembered i got £150 because apparently i have mural wiring (?) on my house and some company wrote saying they could claim for me so i said yes and they sent me 150 quid

funny old world

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maybe this isn’t the right thread for it but do we have like a good deals thread wrt the COLC? might be a helpful resource the share links

yeah there’s freebies/deal colc thread but they’re split into categories

The freebies one seems to be more of a swap shop/freecycyle

but the leisure one has links for days out and discount codes etc

food one might have some too

Though I think just a dedicated thread only of links to freebies and deals would be good, rather than also having tips/advice/chat


ace! sorry i should’ve just checked for myself ha

I won free tickets to see LCY last weekend but decided I cbf going and paying for drinks ect

I went for a chippy lunch and asked for my standard order (two battered sausage and a regular chips). The lady gave me a third sausage because one of the other two sausages was too small apparently.

Three sausages was definitely too much.

I’ll leave the innuendo crew to pick the bones out of this one.


Got a free choc muffin from Lidl today thanks to the app. Wonderful.

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Ordered a two piece meal from the fried chicken place on the way home and there are five pieces in here

You don’t get that at KFC


Got a pack of 4 jazz apples free on my sparks card


Oh yeah, got a free pack of cookies and a free pack of percies last time I was in

Free costa drink if you register the app (but until 24th Nov i think)

Was waiting for a long time for my breakfast and it turns out the ticket thingy in the kitchen printed it off but it fell onto the floor so they’ve comped the delayed meal.

Free breakfast, everything’s coming up rabbit.


Got this in a deliveroo recently and ran after the rider to give it back as I thought she’d given me someone else’s order. Did wonder afterwards why someone was ordering a single toilet roll on deliveroo.

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Not sure this a freebie as much as a successful complaint. But I did a grocery shop on deliveroo a while back and I noticed their saver offer was 4 pizzas and 8 drinks for £12 so I thought I’d add it on and stock up the freezer with pizza. Anyway, only 2 of the pizzas came and when I raised it with deliveroo they gave me a £1.60 refund and I emailed to say £1.60 was pathetic but they were like, oh well. So I went into complaint mode and emailed the co-op and told them they should be aware of deliveroo being douchebags.

They’ve put £12 on my membership card for me :slight_smile:


I got a free pepsi max in my deliveroo order the other day, must be pushing them

Can’t wait for someone I know to come over who likes pepsi max (and diet coke that I was given instead of coke zero) so I can offload it on them.

I drank it. 5/10 pop experience.


Got a free coffee of my choice from Greggs today as I’d collected enough stamps on the app. I panicked and instead of getting a ‘fancy’ more pricey seasonal one just got a cappucino. Still tastes great cause it was free.


Got 2 Greggs App freebies lately, one from signing up to the app and one from it being my birthday.

Actually I haven’t paid for a Greggs in months: traded up some NatWest reward points for like £30 in Greggs vouchers, which I’m slowly working through. Feels goooood