Freeez it's WEDNESDAY (thread)

Morning DiS…damn them BMX’s are making me nostalgic, even with that crappy sidekick…

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Good morning! I have to go dentist today followed by the hygienist and I’m terrified lol. I used to be much braver as a kid. Coughed so violently last night that I feel like I’ve worked my stomach muscles out. Also watched the harder they fall on netflix and it was so good, haven’t enjoyed a new film for ages, but this was amazing. Going to find the soundtrack to listen to while going to the dentist


I’m on my way to the hygienist, so I feel your pain! This is part 2 of my hygienist time as they didn’t get through it all the first time. Think they left the difficult/painful stuff for today. Ugh.

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Goof luck!

Youngest’s fifth birthday. Seriously where does the time go?

She got a toy tractor, the Bluey family car, Yoshi Crafted World, a scooter that lights up, and a wee soft dog that walks.

The fucking bike we ordered didn’t arrive, cheers Brexit.


You too! :metal::scream:

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Absolutely shocking night’s sleep, feel like i’ve been awake since 5 pretty much. Not to worry though coz i’m sure today will be fine and work not at all stressful. Time for coffee, I suppose.

What a wonderful Wednesday.

Got my cord shacket and a slightly too tight dress on so it’ll all be fine.

Also haircut tonight :relaxed:

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Amazing! So looking forward to watching this.


Morning all :wave:

Going into Cambridge today, but thinking that I might just stay for the morning and go home at lunchtime. Going to book some house :house: viewings :eyes: as well.

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Morning all. Got a half day as going to a COP26 planetarium show :dizzy: :ringer_planet: followed by a nice lunch out and Dune on the big screen :tada:

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Morning all!

I’m not teaching today, which means Wednesday is already my favourite week day, but in addition to that we’re going to Glasglow tonight too which means The Child is in a good mood and I’m getting a food truck burger and marshmallows for tea.

Jacket potato and chilli for lunch and then I’m doing an online course this afternoon.



‘Get into the brain through the nose’ has done me

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I have to go to the office today for an all day brainstorm. Booooo.

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I have a day of this on Thursday (my day off, naturally) and they’ve actually called the meeting “blue sky thinking”. Please kill me.


Morning. Just done the school run but in an hour have to go back again for her first assembly then gonna have to run to work after that - got to fit in a tour for the school group who peed up walls whilst I was chatting last year and then the reacher refused to tell them off because he was new to the school and then asked me out. Lol. Can’t wait. Got a three hour meeting in the office after that and then home again with not a jot of actual non meeting work achieved so work most of the night :partying_face::partying_face::kissing_closed_eyes:

forgot to make my porridge last night so doing it in the slow cooker now

1hr 55mins to go…

Could you not use a fast cooker (microwave or hob)?