Freeez it's WEDNESDAY (thread)

Ah I do them like 2 mins or so in microwave, leave for 10-15mins with bowl covered then 1-2 minutes more. Works well.

You’re a ninny

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Woof that was rough, but I survived!

maybe i’ll do that tomorrow when i forget again

i’m c-c-c-c-cold

You could say that it is you in fact who is the pinhead


Saw a suspiciously smooooth email in my work inbox just now. Looked like a phish but far too good for the normal phishing and yet, unlikely.

So I went through our help website to find out how to report it and did so (turned out there’s a little button in Outlook I’d never noticed.

Got a message popping up saying, “Congratulations! This was a test from IT and you passed.”

completed GIF

me, waiting on breakfast


Pair it with one of these

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Had a dream I joined Lightning Bolt on stage for a song and just fucked around on a bass guitar but it didn’t matter because I had a mask on.


Technically a quiet day today but I really need to get a job wrapped up for a client otherwise it’ll be another week before I can sort it out and I really need to get paid.

Toyed with going for a :man_running: but :cloud_with_rain: so instead :open_book: :coffee:

Lead cenobite? Idgi

You should have a bag of the cheapest porridge oats from Tesco or whatever as you quick backup for when you forget.

i in fact, do have a bag of backup oats

V. cool (Gf has the puffin one)

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Well get on with it then. 2 hour wait for porridge? Fuck that.


it’ll be worth it! (it won’t)


flatmate is actually #goingintotheoffice for the rest of the week so … 8 hours of alone time for me then I guess

Feel like making one work call, rearranging two meetings, and doing a load of flat tidying

Out of isolation. Woohoo.

Took the dog for a walk this morning to celebrate.



Crap night’s sleep last night. I was a fully paid up member of the insomnia club, with a bit of the fear about a few meetings I’ve got today. So all I need to do is get through today at work, and everything will be peachy, right? RIGHT?

Fatboy slim tonight. I was the mug who bought the tickets, and obviously nobody has paid me and someone’s pulled out. This is EXACTLY why I go to gigs on my own!

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Feel rough. Upgraded system at work and lots of stuff now broken. Have to go into the office tmrw and friday #pleasekillmenow