Freelance dickheads



that’s it, one too many late payments and people taking the piss so i’m going aggro. adding a late payment notice to my invoices, and sending an invoice with late payment fees and interest two weeks after late payment.

any of you do this already? advice, etc?










Yeah, that will work for sure!



it’s the law, mate.


Thanks Ant, one day I hope eric will feel the same


You mean I could’ve been charging people for all this top quality dickhead behaviour I’ve been doing for free?! FUCK


As I said, I’m sure it will work!


You could get one of those stamps that says ‘please pay me, don’t make me sad’


Never taken that approach because I just assumed that they’ll dig their heels in and it’d cause more stressful emails/phone calls for me. Usually take the route of being gradually less polite, chasing by phone/email everyday without fail and refusing to take requests for work until outstanding invoices are paid. Not much help! :confused:



I only have one client that pays late consistently and I send them a reminder every two days after the invoice payment is due. They’ve never needed more than two reminders because I guess they know I’ll hound them and not take more work on if they don’t pay.

I’ve spoken to other freelancers who tell late payers there’s a strongly-worded letter from a lawyer coming their way if they don’t cough up and that can work, no really serious threats but just to scare them a bit.

I’ve not tried sticking a late payment charge on invoices yet, but it’s had varying degrees of success for people I know who do it. People who’ve had success with that generally put it in their T&Cs at the outset


When I was freelance I stuck the late payment of commercial debt stuff at the bottom of all invoices, basically because one client was atrocious at paying. Net effect - good payers continued to pay on time, bad payer continued to pay late but less so, and they paid the interest when they finally got round to it. Even though the rate is pretty good, my invoices weren’t so big that the interest made up for my time in chasing or the aggravation etc etc. So I doubled my rates for the bad payer. They continued to pay a bit late but I was taking more of their cash. (they paid late because they were fucking awful and didn’t know how to run a business, so I eventually stopped working for them when I could afford to)


me either but it’s the same misery every month, and it’s always big dick corporate companies acting like boohoo we have to pay you for work you did and we don’t wannaaaa. it’s so easy for them to fob you off to their “accounts department” and for them to just take weeks to respond to anything, may as well rinse them for the extra cash


yeah i will do this, though the legal advice is that it’s the law and not necessary for you to do so. thinking about doing a deal memo for every job now before i start, should probably be doing that anyway.

yup, doing this from now on.


thank you for your encouragement in this matter


I warn that extra charges are coming a week ahead, then add them on. It’s never caused a row, or lost me repeat work – normally it just means that invoices are paid promptly thereafter.

Crucially though your initial contract agreement needs to be pretty air tight


Also I’ve taken to figuring out who head of the dept. is and copying them in to late payment emails