Freelance graphic designers, come at me


Got a retainered gig for 1200 a month. You’d need to be able to check-in with the team (Hackney) once a week. Otherwise could work remotely. Sort of work where it’s relatively quiet then sudden turnarounds. Ongoing indefinitely, in fact. Overall theme is art. Insanely good bunch of people working on it (and me).



If I could do this in my evenings and not have to check in in Hackney I’d be all over it.

Unfortunately, those two things.


thank you, nonetheless, for nothing


is it for print or wha? might know some people. @_Em just did a bunch of stuff for me that was really good fyi!


i wonder if @chris-budget went freelance yet


print and digital. anything from print catalogues to content for websites (no coding necessary, we have a dev)


Do they work exclusively in MS Paint? I might know a guy…


if they did we wouldn’t even be having this conversation


I certainly did! :grinning:


Hello! I might be a fit for this! Can you send me some deets - you have my email address I think? Maybe? Or pm! Whatever!


My husband might be interested in this. He’s been a graphic designer for 10 years. Can you PM me some more info?


Hi @chris-budget and @shes_so_high I’ll send you details in a couple of hours :slight_smile:


super, thank you!




hey @xylo any news on this?


hallo yes! just waiting on the full brief coz it wasn’t detailed enough but expecting it this eve at some point and will forward over :slight_smile:


awesome, thanks