Freelancer/self-employed thread (Rolling)

here’s a thread for general moaning about being self-employed and invoicing and whatnot.

i don’t get payments to account at all, pretty sure i’m getting screwed but not sure how or why. what’s the deal with them?

wot’s going on with u babez? have you done your 18-19 tax return yet? i sure as crap haven’t.

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Got to pay HMRC by the 31st. CBA.

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Why HBT, whyyyyy

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This thread prompted me to pay my bill. Thank you for providing a valuable service on this forum Eric.

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I already paid them loads in january. Get off my back, taxman!

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What is this please

Love to wave the late payment of commercial debt act



I really wanted to get it done early this year cos it’s so much easier when I remember what everything in my folders is but I’ll probably keep pushing it back


Oh aye. After the last time i’ve put a big old late fees disclaimer at the bottom of all my invoices. Take that, bizniz.

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I might do mine this weekend

Big fan - shits people right up
It’s not even very much is it really, but does seem to speed up the process once it gets invoked


My problem is that I’m just not gonna do it outside working hours but then I need my working hours for paid work

It’ll get done

When i say do it i mean send it off and pay someone else to do it, obv. Do you do your own?

Yeah, I’ve never found it that hard as my stuff is all pretty straightforward and I use accounting software that automates a lot of it

I was gonna get an accountant but it seemed like too much money to pay for something I can do myself

Yeah fair enough, i just get mine to do my return and seems to pay for itself in knowing what i can charge back. Plus i dont end up in prison for being dense, seems for the best.

Sent all my stuff to my accountant last month but not seen the computation yet so doubt the return is in yet.
Cash collection isn’t normally a problem for me as I tend to do transactional work for clients which means money flows through my client account that they are due/ or that they are paying to others, and I tend to top-slice my fee from that. However trying to recover fees on advisory/ non-transactional stuff has been tougher in recent months. There are lots of signs that the Scottish economy is slowing and certainly a lot of clients are telling me that they’re skint! Not so good.

Cant stand the ‘cashflow’ bollocks. My invoice is a few grand, you make millions every year. Numpties.

Some of my clients are completely at the mercy of cash flow problems though. Especially the smaller biz/ start-ups. Got a few clients in the drinks sector who have had to pay out lots for materials for stuff they’ll sell at the Edinburgh festival. They’ll make a big profit at the end but until they start selling they are out of pocket and have nothing but stock. I feel for them. I’ll extend my credit terms for them. Regardless of profit, cash is king!

Anyone recommend a good accounting / freelance admin app?

The last tax year (April 2018-April 2019) will have been my first year of self-employment so my understanding is that I don’t actually need to submit anything until Jan 2020 but if anybody knows anything different and knows how many years I’m going to prison for please let me know so I can prepare myself

IR35 bleeding me dry m83s