Freelancing websites

Anyone had any success doing work through these?

Work is actually unbearable and I need to change before it ends me. Jobs in my field are few and far between - especially locally.

I do a lot of content writing in my job and I enjoy it. Despite what my shitposting on here would suggest, I think I’m also pretty alright at it.

The idea of freelancing through sites like Contently is very appealing. But it does seems hyper-competitive and I’m not crazy about doing my own finances/taxes.

Help me, DiS.


I don’t know what this is, but I think you’re telling me to try my own ‘hire me’ website.

Also if you’re self-employed (rather than working through your own limited company) a tax return is actually really straightforward, providing you don’t have any bonkers additional sources of income etc etc.

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Bloody ballet!

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DIdn’t even realise it was an actual website until after I’d posted it

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It may be completely different for content writing but there’s a few of these for translators and they’re all a waste of time as it’s a race to the bottom price-wise and there will always be someone willing to go cheaper than you. I don’t know anything about Contently in particular but I wouldn’t touch websites like Fiverr and Upwork even if I was starting out tbh.


This is just my opinion from my experience, but if you want to make a full-time job out of content writing and earn a decent income from it then it’s a good idea to take some time to develop your skills while you’ve still got a full-time job and don’t have to take badly-paid piecemeal jobs to get by.

I guess if it’s more of a hobby to escape work drudgery then those sites are probably OK to start with to get a bit of experience, but IMO it’s not a long-term solution and if you want to make it a career then it’s probably not the path to go down. (Again, I’ve got no experience in that particular field but this is what I’ve gathered from my industry.)

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How much do you want to write my posts for me on Monday mornings, holidays and weekends?

No dogshite, either.

Thanks @nemrac and @xylo

Plenty to think about.

One thing I’m definitely crossing off is the freelance websites. Just spent about half an hour on and I’m already done with it. Stuff has over 100 bidders within minutes and the rate they’re quoting is nuts (down to $3 per hour already). I guess if you go this route, it can only work if you’re like one of those professional ebayers who learns who to “play the site”. Not for me, that.


£40 per thread starter
£25 per reply

You’ll have competition from the guys who used to write Lucien’s posts, so maybe think about your rates again.

£39.99 per thread starter
£24.99 per reply

yeah when I’ve looked at proofreading ones they just make me want to give up on pretty much everything. no idea how people can make working at those rates sustainable