Remember there being quite a few RAOB clubs and lodges around years ago. Dunno if the Buffs are seperate to Masons or a strand of it, but i assume it’s all the same thing - old gammons pulling the social drawbridge up under the feet of unskilled folk, meeting in darkened rooms, singing songs, funny handshakes, drinking ale, telling racist jokes and wanking eachother off.

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So that’s what they do at the secret meetings!

“The Buffs” God we’re a stupid nation aren’t we.

What’s his reasoning here?

I know a man who eats lemons/oranges with big bites as if it were an apple

My Masonic tale:

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How does his jizz taste, out of interest?

Not so much of a serious issue as it was up until the 1990s, when masonry was closely linked to corruption in the building industries and the judiciary and police.

South Yorkshire used to be very bad for it, especially within the police.

My mate Sim at school could eat an apple in two bites including the core.

you’ll have to ask close family member or mutual friend of your choosing

Between 5 and 10. There were no toys. Just a big old dining hall and everyone dressed like it was a funeral.

Bet that was dead boring for a 5-10 year old lad.

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There’s a masonic retirement home near where I grew up. They chuck out a lot of papier mache stage decoration.

My Uncle was one for a bit. Went to meetings for a few years but got disillusioned because they kept trying to get him to do charity work and all he wanted to do was get pissed. Or that’s how he tells it anyway.


At the same time, secret places and societies are interesting, aren’t they? Always been absolutely fascinated from a very early age about anything of that nature. From weird stuff like safes, hidden drawers, rooms, to members clubs and cults - always found it absolutely captivating.

I always wonder if there any genuine hidden pubs or clubs near me. Don’t mean the fucking nobhead speakeasy-type places that are fucking everywhere and basically just, y’know, bars who openly advertise every day…but y’know, actual ones without nobheads.


The absolute state of this…
Because nothing cries ‘discrimination’ more than some rich, shady, middle aged white businessmen.

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I used to work close to Freemason’s Hall in Holborn. I remember one weekend there was some sort of protest march nearby and on the Sunday I noticed someone had written “Mason wankers” in felt-tip on one of the walls round the side. On the Monday, not a sign. So they’re sticklers for cleanliness at least.


Anyone interested in starting a really nice, friendly secret society?

welcome to the boards!

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