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Monday August 15th
Gloria Bell (BBC2)
Ray & Liz (Film 4)
Deja Vu (Great Movies)
It Should Happen To You (Great Movies Classic)

Tuesday August 16th
The Conversation (BBC2)
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (Film 4)
Zombiland (Film 4)
Whiplash (Great Movies)

Wednesday August 17th
In The Heart Of The Sea (BBC1)
The Assistant (Film 4)
Raging Bull (Film 4)
Tales Of Terror (Talking Pictures TV)
The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case (Talking Pictures TV)

Thursday August 18th
Empire Of The Sun (BBC4)
Saint Frances (Film 4)
Evil Dead II (Legend)

Friday August 19th
Point Break (BBC1)
Zeppelin (BBC2)
The Invisible Man (ITV1)
Kill List (Film 4)
Monkey Business (Talking Pictures TV)

Saturday August 20th
Witness For The Prosecution (BBC2) (1957)
Foxtrot (BBC2)
Marnie (Sky Arts)
Fear And Desire (Talking Pictures TV)

Sunday August 21st
The Searchers (BBC2)
The Edge Of Seventeen (BBC3)
Diamonds Are Forever (ITV1)
I Blame Society (Film 4)
Psycho (Sky Arts)


Fear And Desire is the only new thing for me. Will watch and then listen to the latest Blank Cheque episode about it.


Monday August 22nd
Shoplifters (Film 4)
Kes (Talking Pictures TV)
Lifeboat (Talking Pictures TV)
Dracula (1958) (Legend)

Tuesday August 23rd
Tin Star (Film 4)
Step Brothers (Film 4)
Spider-Man Into The Spider-verse (Film 4)
Her Smell (Film 4)
I Was A Male War Bride (Talking Pictures TV)
Revenge (Legend)

Wednesday 24th August
Point Break (BBC3)
The Last Of The Mohicans (5 Action)
The Caine Mutiny (Great Movies Classic)

Thursday 25th August
How To Train Your Dragon (Film 4)
The Nice Guys (Film 4)
Witness For The Prosecution (BBC4) (1957)
The Apartment (BBC4)
Man Hunt (Talking Pictures TV)

Friday 26th August
Sliding Doors (BBC1)
21 Jump Street (ITV1)
Dirty Harry (Channel 5)
Galaxy Quest (Film 4)
Midnight Run (Film 4)

Saturday 27th August
North By Northwest (BBC2)
The Edge Of Seventeen (BBC3)
Ghost In The Shell (1995) (Film 4)
Psycho (Sky Arts)
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (5Select)
Raising Arizona (Great Movies Classic)
The Pianist (Talking Pictures TV)

Sunday 28th August
Wallace & Gromit: A Matter Of Loaf & Death (BBC1)
Gladiator (ITV1)
Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Film 4)
Rear Window (Sky Arts)
The Magnificent Seven (ITV4) (1960)
The Thing (Legend)
Airplane (5Star)
Patton (5Action)
The French Connection (Talking Pictures TV)
The Lavender Hill Mob (Talking Pictures TV)


Some classics dotted about, for sure…just seen them all. Lifeboat is the only new thing for me.

Monday 29th August
Starter For 10 (BBC2)
Murder On The Orient Express (1974) (BBC2)
Monos (Channel 4)
The Guilty (2018) (Film 4)
Spartacus (ITV4)
Assault On Precinct 13 (Horror Channel)
I’m All Right Jack (Talking Pictures TV)
Mona Lisa (Talking Pictures TV)
Black Panther (RTE2)

Tuesday 30th August
Educating Rita (BBC2)
The Queen (ITV1)
Demolition Man (ITV4)
Tully (Film 4)
Prince Of Darkness (Legend)

Wednesday 31st August
Unsane (Channel 4)
Birds Of Passage (Film 4)
Raising Arizona (Great Movies Classic)
Below Zero (Talking Pictures TV)
Daisy Kenyon (Talking Pictures TV)

Thursday 1st September
North By Northwest (BBC4)
In A Lonely Place (Great Movies Classic)

Friday 2nd September
Guardians Of The Galaxy (BBC1)
Free Fire (Channel 4)
12 Angry Men (Film 4)
22 Jump Street (ITV2)
Tremors (5Star)

Saturday 3rd September
Sorry Angel (BBC2)
The Martian (Channel 4)
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (Channel 5) (?)
Dances With Wolves (Channel 5)
Sense And Sensibility (Film 4)
Meatballs (Film 4)
Halloween (1978) (Film 4)
Patton (5Action)
Rear Window (Sky Arts)
The Grapes Of Wrath (Talking Pictures TV)
Cry Of The City (Talking Pictures TV)

Sunday 4th September
The Incredibles (BBC1)
Ready Player One (BBC2)
Eighth Grade (BBC3)
Catch Me If You Can (Film 4)
Last Film Show (Film 4)
Rope (Sky Arts)
Bride Of Frankenstein (Legend)
The Hunt For Red October (5Star)

A fair bit more this week. Recording Monos (1) as it is excellent and (2) not on Netflix anymore.

Birds Of Passage / Last Film Show are in my watchlist and Dances With Wolves / Rope unseen from the 1001 Movies book.

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Rope is great. Probably saw it when I was a young teenager and didn’t know it was a Hitchcock film and didnt apprentice or notice the long takes back then.

A very underrated Hitchcock for me.



(Slash i hope ots on all4)

Monday September 5th
The Sisters Brothers (BBC2)
The Beatles And India (Channel 4)
Calm With Horses (Film 4)
Call Me By Your Name (Film 4)
Platoon (ITV4)
Resurrected (Talking Pictures TV)

Tuesday September 6th
Eastern Promises (BBC2)
Alita Battle Angel (Film 4)
For A Few Dollars More (ITV4)

Wednesday September 7th
The Bling Ring (BBC1)
Ready Player One (BBC3)
Eighth Grade (BBC3)
Throughbreads (Film 4)
Platoon (ITV4)

Thursday September 8th
12 Angry Men (Film 4)
Bacurau (Film 4)
This Is Spinal Tap (BBC4)
For A Few Dollars More (ITV4)
The Colour of Money (Talking Pictures TV)

Friday September 9th
The Remains Of The Day (BBC2)
First Love (Channel 4)
The Incredibles (BBC3)
True History Of The Kelly Gang (Film 4)
Buried (Film 4)
Event Horizon (5Star)

Saturday September 10th
The 39 Steps (BBC2)
The Lady Vanishes (BBC2)
Rope (Sky Arts)

Sunday September 11th
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (Channel 5)
I Origins (Film 4)
The Invisible Man (Legend)
Silent Running (Legend)

Nothing new for me, but lots of good stuff!

What did you think of Rope?

Recording it tonight and hopefully watch in the next week or two. :+1:

Monday September 12th
Vertigo (Film 4)
A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood (Film 4)
Logan (Film 4)
Blindspotting (Film 4)

Tuesday September 13th
Raiders of the Lost Ark (Film 4)
A Hidden Life (Film 4)
Creed II (ITV4)

Wednesday September 14th
Rush (BBC1)
Sicario (Film 4)
Searching (Film 4)
Big Trouble In Little China (5Action)
Young And Innocent (Talking Pictures TV)

Thursday September 15th
The Elephant Man (BBC4)
Wind River (Film 4)

Friday September 16th
The Adventures Of Robin Hood (BBC2)
Upgrade (Channel 4)
Last Action Hero (Film 4)
Elysium (5STAR)
Meek’s Cutoff (Great Movies Action)
Night Of The Living Dead (Talking Pictures TV)

Saturday September 17th
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (Channel 4)
A Quiet Place (Film 4)
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) (ITV4)
Superbad (Dave)

Sunday September 18th
Finding Dory (BBC1)
Deep Impact (Channel 4)
Wyatt Erp (Channel 5)

I’ll be recording: A Hidden Life by Malick, Young And Innocent which is an earlyish Hitchcock i’ve never seen and Meek’s Cutoff by Kelly Reichardt which i’ve also never seen on TV before - loved First Cow!

Blindspotting is a strong recommendation from me.

I watched it because of the Psychoville episode inspired by it

Think it’s great

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I missed Meek’s Cutoff when it was briefly on MUBI so I’m looking forward to this in particular!

though I have to say, absolutely bizarre channel for it to be showing on

was convinced it would have been Film4

Yeah it totally caught me off guard. :sweat_smile: Probably sandwiched in between Dolph Lundgren and Bruce Willis B Movies you’ve never heard of.

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I recorded and watched/liked this, thank you!

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Monday September 19th
World War Z (Film 4)
Gods Own Country (Film 4)
Big Trouble In Little China (5Action)
Fantastic Voyage (Talking Pictures TV)

Tuesday September 20th
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Film 4)
House Of The Long Shadows (Talking Pictures TV)

Wednesday September 21st
12 Years A Slave (Film 4)
The Post (Film 4)
Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound (SkyArts)

Thursday September 22nd
The Producers (BBC4)
Blazing Saddles (BBC4)
Ad Astra (Film 4)
Ronin (ITV4)
Block-Heads (Talking Pictures TV)

Friday September 23rd
Detroit (BBC1)
The Red Shoes (BBC2)
Don’t Breathe (Film4)
The 40-Year-Old Virgin (ITV2)
Kind Hearts & Coronets (Talking Pictures TV)
Way Out West (Talking Pictures TV)

Saturday September 24th
Boyz N The Hood (BBC1)
Mission: Impossible Fallout (Channel 4)
The Dam Busters (Channel 5)
Assassination Nation (Film 4)
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (ITV2)
The Bridge On The River Kwai (GREAT! movies action)

Sunday September 25th
Finding Dory (BBC1)
Von Ryan’s Express (BBC2)
Mrs Doubtfire (Channel 4)
Minority Report (Film 4)
The Handmaiden (Film 4)
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (ITV2)
Back To The Future (ITV2)
Face/Off (ITV4)

The Red Shoes is the big unseen film for me to record this week. Also 2 Laurel + Hardy shorts in Block-Heads and Way Out West.


God’s Own Country is great

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Just saw that The Last Black Man In San Francisco has just been added to BBC2 next Sunday (25th). Highly recommended.

They have Moonlight and Queen & Slim on the week after so might all be part of a BHM series for Oct.

Always forget how amazing this is. Watched it again last night and it’s as funny as ever.

Monday September 26th
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (Film 4)
Crank: High Voltage (5Action)
Summertime (1955) (Talking Pictures TV)

Tuesday September 27th
Dog Soldiers (Film 4)
Man Of The West (Film 4)
Capernaum (Film 4)

Wednesday September 28th
Harriet (BBC1)
The Hurt Locker (BBC4)
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Film 4)
Ad Astra (Film 4)
Jackie (Film 4)
The Hunt for Red October (5Action)

Thursday September 29th
The Hurt Locker (BBC4)
The Iceman (Film 4)

Friday September 30th
Cocktail (Channel 5)
Shenandoah (Film 4)
Looper (GREAT! movies)

Saturday October 1st
The Heroes of Telemark (BBC 2)
Star Wars - The Force Awakens (Channel 4)
The Italian Job (1969) (Channel 5)
The Muppets Take Manhattan (Film 4)
Hell or High Water (Film4)
Rosemary’s Baby (Film 4)
A Field In England (Film 4)
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (ITV2)

Sunday October 2nd
The Ipcress File (BBC2)
Queen & Slim (BBC2)
The Incredible Hulk (Channel 4)
Yes Man (ITV2)


Rosemary’s Baby and Man Of The West are the only new ones for me. Both also in the 1001 Movies book to check off.

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