📺 Freeview Films For The Week 📽

Monday September 11th
Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? (BBC1)
Naked (Film 4)

Tuesday September 12th
Casino Royale (ITV1)
Lion (Film 4)
Sabotage (London Live)

Wednesday September 13th
The Handmaiden (Channel 4)
Paris, Texas (Film 4)
Picnic At Hanging Rock (Talking Pictures TV)

Thursday September 14th
Captain Phillips (BBC1)
The Rider (Film 4)

Friday September 15th
A Bigger Splash (BBC1)
The Adventures Of Pricilla Queen Of The Desert (BBC3)
The Revenant (Film 4)
Amores Perros (Film 4)

Saturday September 16th
The Hurt Locker (BBC1)
Funny Face (BBC2)
Greta (BBC2)
A Knights Tale (Film 4)
Bram Stokers Dracula (Film 4)

Sunday September 17th
Sorry To Bother You (BBC1)
The Nest (BBC1)
The Personal History Of David Copperfield (Film 4)
Mary Magdalene (Film 4)
My Man Godfrey (Talking Pictures TV)

If this is the 2020 film with Jude Law and Carrie Coon, let the record show that I think it is an exceptionally good film


Would be quite the double bill!

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Aw Paris Texas is on again.

Soundtrack is great too. Really takes the paranoia up a few notches.

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I think I’ll be giving it a rewatch. I thought it was a really nice companion piece to Kill List (everything else influenced by it hones in on the folk horror stuff, but this follows the darkness at the heart of post-Thatch neoliberal Britain)

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Monday 8th September
Dark Waters (BBC2)

Tuesday 19th September
An Education (BBC2)
The Rock (ITV1)
Minari (Film 4)

Wednesday 20th September
The Farewell (Film 4)

Thursday 21st September
Gifted (Channel 4)
Last Action Hero (Film 4)

Friday 22nd September
Magic Mike (BBC1)
Snake Eyes (Film 4)
Perrier’s Bounty (London Live)
Kind Hearts & Coronets (Talking Pictures TV)

Saturday 23rd September
The Lost Boys (BBC1)
Moulin Rouge (BBC2)
Footloose (Film 4)
Event Horizon (Channel 4)

Sunday 24th September
Detective Pikachu (BBC1)
Loving (BBC1)
Psycho (BBC2)
The Shop Around The Corner (BBC2)
The Stepford Wives (Channel 5)
Oceans Eleven (Channel 5)
Logan (Film 4)
East Is East (Film 4)

The Shop Around The Corner is the only new one for me to record.

I think The Farewell and Minari are both premieres and well worth your time.

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Monday 25th September
Boiling Point (BBC1)
Eagle Vs Shark (Film 4)
Tombstone (Legend)

Tuesday 26th September
Bride Of Frankenstein (Legend)
The Lost Boys (BBC3)

Wednesday 27th September
Tucker: The Man And His Dream (Film 4)
Monster (Film 4)

Thursday 28th September
Wildfire (Film 4)
Psycho (BBC3)

Friday 29th September
His House (BBC2)
End Of Watch (BBC3)
Ocean’s Eleven (Channel 5)
Raging Bull (Film 4)
Blood Simple (Film 4)

Saturday 30th September
The Witches Of Eastwick (BBC1)
Boiling Point (Film 4)

Sunday 1st October
Early Man (BBC1)
Ali & Ava (BBC2)
Local Hero (Film 4)

Nothing for me. Boiling Point appears to be on BBC1 and Film 4 this week…either way well worth a watch.

A must see if you didn’t catch it on Netflix. Bizarre that they removed it given it was one of their films.

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Could be cause the series starts 1st of October

Quite funny that this has needed a plus 2 minute trailer. Also the guy from GTA is in it.

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Seems to be on TV every week now

It’s an excellent film. Definitely recommended

Looked up Boiling Point (the series) on Wikipedia. It doesn’t mention if the series is a one shot thing.

Anyone know if it is?

Really liked this

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Monday 2nd October
The Exorcist (BBC1)
Selma (BBC2)
Big Trouble In Little China (5Action)
Duel (Legend)

Tuesday 3rd October
The Place Beyond The Pines (BBC2)

Wednesday 4th October
Alien (BBC1)
Hobson Choice (Film 4)
Prince Of Darkness (Talking Pictures TV)

Thursday 5th October
Fantastic Mr Fox (Film 4)
Boiling Point (Film 4)

Friday 6th October
The Fugitive (Channel 5)
Mission: Impossible - Fallout (Film 4)
The Guard (Film 4)

Saturday 7th October
Henry V (BBC2)
So Long, My Son (BBC2)
Minority Report (Channel 4)
Bad Hair (Channel 4)
Splice (Film 4)
Sputnik (Film 4)
The Towering Inferno (ITV4)

Sunday 8th October
Big Hero 6 (BBC1)
Licorice Pizza (BBC2)
Candyman (2020) (BBC3)
The Hunt For Red October (Channel 5)
Le Mans 66 (Film 4)
Stuber (Film 4)

Never seen the early Spielberg ‘Duel’ before so that’s a record for me.

Starting to see some horrors on now.

So damn good.

Hadn’t heard of this before here.

Over three hours long :thinking:. I think I’ll attempt to watch it over two days.