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Monday November 13th
The Conversation (BBC2)
The Sum Of All Fears (Film 4)
Utama (Film 4)
It Came From Outer Space (Legend)

Tuesday November 14th
Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool (BBC2)
Bad Times at the El Royale (Film 4)

Wednesday November 15th
It’s A Wonderful Life (Film 4)
Drive My Car (Film 4)
Shiva Baby (Film 4)
One-Eyed Jacks (5Action)

Thursday November 16th
Insane (Channel 4)
Dredd (Film 4)
Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (Film 4)

Friday November 17th
Pretty Woman (BBC1)
The Dirty Dozen (Channel 5)
Darkman (Film 4)
Dead Man’s Shoes (Film 4)

Saturday November 18th
Alita Battle Angel (Channel 4)
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (Channel 4)
Vanilla Sky (5Star)

Sunday November 19th
Just Mercy (BBC1)
Now, Voyager (BBC2)
The Imitation Game (BBC2)
Pretty Woman (BBC3)
The Lincoln Lawyer (Film 4)
Monster (Film 4)
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (5STAR)

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Bloody hell, in for the long haul showing that with advert breaks

Seen Happy Hour?

Beep beep yeah


One Eyed Jacks and Now, Voyager for me. Both in the 1001 Movies book and never seen.

It certainly did

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This is really good


Monday 20th November
Collette (BBC2)
Winchester ‘73 (5Acrion)

Tuesday 21st November
Love And Mercy (BBC2)
Scrooged (Film 4)
Ministry Of Fear (Film 4)

Wednesday 22nd November
Elizabeth: The Golden Age (BBC1)
Riders Of Justice (Film 4)
High Noon (Film 4)
The Hitch-hiker (Talking Pictures TV)

Thursday 23rd November
Final Cut / Coupez! (BBC4)
Don’t Breathe (Channel 4)
Planes Trains And Automobiles (Film 4)
Petite Maman (Film 4)
Deerskin (Film 4)

Friday 24th November
Mary Queen Of Scots (BBC2)
Legend (BBC3)
King Hearts And Coronets (Film 4)

Saturday 25th November
Odette (BBC2)
Passport To Pimlico (BBC2)
Whisky Galore! (BBC2)
Boiling Point (Channel 4)
Rio Bravo (5Action)

Sunday 26th November
The Imitation Game (BBC2)
Flight (Channel 4)
No Time To Die (ITV2)
All The Money In The World (Film 4)
Serenity (2019) (Sky Mix / Pic)

Rider Of Justice and The Hitch-hiker for me. Didn’t like Petite Maman as much as everyone, but you should all watch.

The Hitch-Hiker is great. Seen The Bigamist?

That’s perhaps even better.

I taped this as a result of the heads up. Thanks for these threads.


Yeah. All I really remember is it feeling ahead of its time and the Matchbox toy crash.

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Got that recorded to watch too. Another to tick off from the 1001 Movies book. (Just passed 500!))

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I’ve got one of those 1001 film books too but it’s a rubbish version as there’s no Scott Adkins or Michael Jai White films in there.

Step Up 3D is omitted too. Moose was phenomenal in that film.

Monday 27th November
Four Weddings And A Funeral (Film 4)
Fargo (Great Movies)

Tuesday 28th November
Mary Queen Of Scots (BBC3)
Fanny Lye Deliver’d (Film 4)
Life Is Sweet (Film 4)

Wednesday 29th November
Just Mercy (BBC1)
1985 (Channel 4)
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Film 4)
Ronin (Film 4)
A Hidden Life (Film 4)
Stagecoach (Talking Pictures TV)
Go West (Talking Pictures TV)

Thursday 30th November
Benedetta (Channel 4)
Double Indemnity (BBC4)
The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp (BBC4)
Escape From Mogadishu (Film 4)
My Man Godfrey (Talking Pictures TV)

Friday 1st December
Event Horizon (Film 4)
First Man (Film 4)
Reservoir Dogs (Dave)
Dr Phibes Rises Again (Talking Pictures TV)

Saturday 2nd December
The Father (Channel 4)
The Red Turtle (Film 4)
Die Hard (Film 4)
Carrie (Film 4)
Jackie Brown (Dave)
The Hunt for Red October (5Action)
Bringing Out The Dead (Talking Pictures TV)

Sunday 3rd December
Booksmart (BBC1)
Hell Or High Water (BBC2)
Uncle Buck (ITV1)
The Lighthouse (Channel 4)

Some great stuff knocking about, nothing new for me though. Stagecoach, Red Turtle and Colonel Blimp all 5 stars.

Will always shout for these 2 when they’re on TV. 1985 is one of my favourite films of the past 10 years, even though there’s obviously more “polished” films, this one just punches me in the gut every time I think of it.

A Hidden Life is brilliant too and is recent Terrence Malick that actually has things like an absorbing plot and character development!

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Outstanding film. Watched this yesterday in the main BFI screen – I’ve never been in a room so silent as when Anton Walbrook is making his plea at the police station while officialdom tries to decide whether he’s an enemy alien.

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Monday December 4th
Capernaum (Film 4)

Tuesday December 5th
The Wicker Man (BBC4)
It’s A Wonderful Life (Film 4)
Rosemary’s Baby (Film 4)
Just Mercy (BBC3)

Wednesday December 6th
Minari (Channel 4)
Pig (Film 4)
An Affair To Remember (Film 4)

Thursday December 7th
Jungleland (Channel 4)
Django Unchained (Channel 5)
Witness For The Prosecution (BBC4)
Platoon (ITV4)

Friday December 8th
The Notebook (BBC1)
Enemy Of The State (Channel 5)
Booksmart (BBC3)
Die Hard (Film 4)
Escape From New York (Film 4)
Jackie Brown (Dave)

Saturday December 9th
Easter Parade (BBC2)
Some Like It Hot (BBC2)
The Witches Of Eastwick (BBC2)
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 (ITV1)
Patriot Games (Channel 4)
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (Channel 4)
Them That Follow (Channel 4)
Traffic (Dave)

Sunday December 10th
Chicken Run (BBC1)
Pride And Prejudice (BBC2)
Jingle All The Way (Channel 4)
Happening (Channel 4)
Howard’s End (Film 4)
Oldboy (2004) (Pick)

Will record The Wicker Man for a first watch next Halloween.
Also An Affair To Remember which i’ve never heard of, but is in the 1001 Movies book.

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