Freewrite! A Product for Idiots!


It’s $500. Imagine owning it.


Not paying that much for something that won’t distract me constantly


kind of like the idea that there are dedicated novelists out there on the EDGE of fame, if only they had the willpower to turn off the wifi on a normal laptop


What percentage of the novels written on it will be basically Walden-esque ruminations about the transcendental profundity of abandoning the Internet and writing on the Freewrite?


shares post about kids looking at their phones instead of playing outside

omg so true

makes website for career as an author before writing a book


Wasn’t this discussed when it was just an app?

Anyway if anyone on DiS was to own this, I’d have pegged you, @xylo, sorry


No apologies but you’re going to need to back it up.

Which trope do I fit into that I would own this*?

*you can’t go with ‘bit of a twat’, that’s too easy.


You just struck me as the sort of guy who thinks typewriters are cool so you’d probably think this was an interesting working tool for your writing.

I don’t think you’d own one at that price, which is ridic, just in general it seemed like your sort of retro writing techniques.


WELL. Typewriters are probably cool. But despite being a rare book person these days, i am in fairness the guy running the ecommerce and digital marketing for the shop. I am surrounded by luddites (lovely ones). But tbf even they would balk at the idea of a pretend typewriter. :smiley:


Surely this person has already mentally written the glowing reviews in the London Review of Books and the New York Times before ever putting down a word?


"Yeah i got these photos done just because i’ll need them as an author - supports the brand and will help people relate to m-

book remains unpublished