Freezing Friday night thread

It’s cold.

Got a :pizza: in the oven, about to watch this

Ho ho ho!

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Ho. Have you moved to Newcastle yet?

2.5hrs left at work

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Ho ho (no), not until the end of January. Got a flat sorted though, which is a nice feeling!

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Christmas Evil! Holy shit what a classic, haven’t seen that since my teenage years.

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I stood on the kitchen floor about 45 minutes ago and my feet haven’t recovered yet.

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Just finishing work now. Absolutely manic day finishing stuff and handing stuff over.

But now I’m on leave until the 27th.


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I’ve never seen it! It was on at a cinema here in London a few weeks ago but I missed it, thankfully it’s on YouTube.

Mostly just hoping it’s as good as Silent Night, Deadly Night tbh

Is a 50 mile daily commute (driving) too much?

Depends what the roads are


And how much car trouble it gives you.

Its actually really good IMO, from what I remember. Being a major low budget B horror film fan myself so take that into account. As I recall the lead character is just so mad Santa isn’t real, really dark from what I remember. I’m definitely re-watching that in the next couple of weeks.

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Just put the heating on for the first time… although come 7.30 its going off again. Must be fun for M living with Scrooge.

Leftover vegan chilli which I made way too spicy so have unveganed it by adding all the world’s sour cream to it.

Dual carriageway/motorway/rural roads. Found a job that is basically what I do now, for a lot more cash.

@guntrip have driven around 34k miles for my commute over the past 27 months with no travel allowance, and as great as this job seems, that’s a lot of mileage. OTOH, it’s only 5 miles ew more than I’m currently doing. :thinking:


Oh this is a round trip? Then no, it’s not too much. Which town/city is it?

You’ll barely notice that if the roads are comparable.

Don’t you hate what you do now?

Done everything early today already completed SFPP and R is in bed.

Want to finish my book tonight because I am excited to start the next one.


Outskirts of Basingstoke

It absolutely REEKED of weed outside my house when I got home. One neighbour was playing with his kids, so must be the other side. Fair enough.

Pizza on the way. Need to think of something to watch while slobbed out on the couch.