Freitag Arbend

Got a couple of cans chilling in the fridge. More Mad Men.


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Just chilling out and hatin’ life, my dudes

Absolutely done in. Very busy day at work including having to go on the door and make people queue outside. Nuggets, chips, beans and onion rings for tea, and my American food order arrived so I’ll be dousing the whole thing in baconnaise.

Just put in a big order of grapefruit/wheat beer radler.

Does this guy know how to party or etc

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And the crowd goes wiiiiild


Drink a couple beers, watch a movie. Bout it.


I always admire the crust on those.


Got a big quiz going on later with some ol’ timers.

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I read ‘arbend’ as ‘airbend’ at first, so wasted a couple of seconds planning an M Night Shymalan joke.


play rainbow paintbrush Kirby with mini stack before she goes to bed. Beers. Takeaway. Probably some fags.

Listening to The Immaculate Collection so it’s already a winner.

Doing bedtime in a sec. Then making a chickpea and paneer curry to go with a daal my wife made earlier. Feeling a bit worried. No beer as I’m working super early tomorrow. Low and then bed.

Did we once have a t-shirts yer da would wear thread? Because I saw someone in this corker today


bit early isn’t it mate lol

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what a twist!


Friday night curry for us and then probably an early night so Mrs Roughyed can do the shopping & I can entertain the little one tomorrow morning. Well exciting times.

went to the shops (mainly) to buy something to drink.

forgot to buy something to drink. fuck sake.

do you remember those woolworths’ adverts? that’s you, that is.

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i don’t, sorry.

no bother

You don’t want a hard yolk on that do you?

might watch Jaws :thinking: