Freitag Fumpf

Hey hey.

It’s aqos day!


Good morning, I’m excited for aqos, though I let it build up because I hate suspense and like to go through it once theres a couple hundred posts

  • I do this too
  • I prefer realtime

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Christ. Been up since 5.15 with kiddo. Pretty annoying. Working the late again tonight. Breakfast in a bit


Woke up early to book a time slot for a National Trust visit next weekend. When did I become middle aged (I’m 28).

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Starting work a bit early.


Morning all,

When I’m in work I can’t get out of bed until 8.50. I’m off today and have been awake since 7am, feeling spritely. Why is that? Spending the time wisely by posting in the sonic youth thread, obviously.

Morning everyone

Don’t feel very friday, got to do my mid year appraisal today :frowning:

Made a top tier chilli last night. It’s a bit breezy here, just making the most of the quiet and sofa space before the kids get up


been food shopping. had a coffee, some toast. had a shave for the first time in 3+months. work. already cant wait until 4pm :eyes:

It’s bandcamp day!


Oh mate, I thought the beard was looking good the other day!

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:astonished: aw man. thanks. was getting a bit bored of it I think… maybe the longest its been, ah well. may be back to its majestic best by… September

Morning folks!

I had a work zoom meeting at 8am this morning. I thought it was because it was some of the Asia team would be joining, but no - it was just organised by a sociopath.

I think I need more coffee.


Morning all!

I got a decent lie in this morning but I’m still tired. I actually don’t remember feeling like this when I was actually at work. I spent about six hours of yesterday on Teams meeting or Skype interviews and I am drained. I might request a new chair.

I’m taking The Child out for a bit today so Wor Lass can finish her birthday cake and possibly a balloon arch for tomorrow. I have stuff I want to buy from Bandcamp and a discussion about curriculum design I’m meant to be attending this afternoon.

Major, major cba.

Meant to be making carrot cake. Wish it would just appear instead.

Can’t stop rubbing my eyes even though I know it is bad.

Still have too much admin to do that I can’t face.

Pizza day tho, so there’s that at least.

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Sent an email, had a cup of tea, ate toast.

Gonna make coffee now.

Morning all.

Well, I just logged into a zoom meeting with a bunch of Very Important People as colossalhorse. Cracking start to the day, that. I logged out as soon as I noticed and since I’m not really needed in the meeting I’m now going to go into hiding. I didn’t have my video on so hopefully they’ll all just be puzzled by this brief appearance from this mysterious colossalhorse. Was it a glitch in the system? Or some curious hacker who immediately got bored and left? They’ll never know. Hopefully…

Hope you’re all well.


:carrot: :cake:

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Want to make it for me? Grating carrots is so boring and chopping walnuts is the worst.

i would if i could

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