Freitag Fumpf

I always lose track if I plough through after the fact!

I can’t remember any of my answers this week at all

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(Sorry to those who enjoy it, I just wanna get a beeve going)

Went out for a bike and could barely keep up with the folk I was with. Got an absolute shitload of cups and one QOM though, so… Heart rate was shockingly high.

Nothing to report tbh.



can’t believe it was a dog


For fuck’s sake, it’s happening again

i’ve gotten 11th place on so many segments recently.

(for non bike wankers reading this, it is an EXTREMELY funny joke)




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Today is going to be a very weird day

Gonna have to find the perfect film to deal with it all tonight

Morning all.

We seem to have swung from proto-summer into some weird Winter III. Just had actual hail.

Got a games night with some of th GFs friends tonight, but I’m taking a weekend off the booze so I really CBA.

had a midwife appt at 8 this morning, 20 week scan so it’s the biggy where they do measurements and all that shit to make sure everything’s fine. anyway i had to wait in the car coz of the plague, that’s fine it’s only half an hour. so they asked gf if we knew the gender and we said we did, we saw last time that it’s a girl but they had a check anyway and they were like errr not so sure, we think it’s a boy. and then someone else had a look and they said they weren’t sure. so that’s thrown us a bit, we’ve been referring to babby (just between us) as the name we’d chosen so now we don’t know what to think. like, they’re growing well and everything’s fine (although in the latest pic they’re bent double with their legs above their head :grinning:) it’s just a surprise. also then they said ok you need to see another midwife for a urine test and a blood test and then left gf waiting for like an hour. so anyway i’ve spent the past two hours sat in the car


I have fallen hard off my no cheese wagon but tbh, it’s so challenging to find something to make for lunch every day and I don’t really have time/energy at the moment so cheese on toast/halloumi wrap etc is just EASY. Also I want a no fuss supermarket pizza once in a while cause I have NO ENERGY FOR THINKING RN.

I am also LOVING my afternoon snack of a sliced up apple with bits of sharp cheddar.


Word to the wise: stock up on bog roll if you’re going to be nailing a load of coconut oil cheese alternatives.


Do you have another scan before the birth? Or is it just going to be a surprise?

yeah there’s another one in a month i think. we’ve done a couple of private scans too, they’re the only ones i’ve been allowed into, so we’ll prob do that again i think

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This stuff is extremely delicious but expensive (but delicious)

Nut cheeses (don’t) are so much nicer than oil-based ones IMO


That’s the one my girlfriend and her sister love too FWIW

You’re very welcome.

Got my dough proving for SFPP. Can’t face the takeaway one yet.


Good morning @tilty, good morning Avocado, Rich, JS, Goo, Kermy, Jordan, Pinky, Tim, Matt, Shucks, Dots, Rob, Keith, Flashers, Unlucky, Horsey, Japes, Branches, Niki, Epimer, Jaguar, Hobbes, Vine, Meow, Laelfy, good morning DiS, and many happy returns to Pete Wentz from the Fall Out Boys, Kathleen Kennedy from the Amblins and Lucasfilms, and Robert Kraft from the Cheese Slices. Happy anniversary today to the Orient Express, and salutations to those among us who celebrate International Day for the Fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing, or Father’s Day in Denmark. GBODL.

Building a new bike today, then sitting down to AQOS, Chinese tonight after all yesterday’s talk of prawn toast. Been a little bit under the weather for a couple of days but feeling 90% or so today woo.


I just flat out refuse vegan cheeses as they’re just plastic and grim to me and I want that melt!
The only ones I will eat are vegan cream cheeses that are made from cashew nuts. They’re sufficiently cheesey and delightful, esp with garlic or herbs!
Like this one:

However, and I know this is not helpful, but I saw this yesterday and have not stopped thinking about it???

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i’m your private scanner
a scanner for money
i’ll scan ur babby for u