Freitag Nacht


what ya doing?

Fancy a beer but feel grotty so will stay in and watch some shite tv. Anything on?



Gonna watch the rugby on TV and have a few beers and a G&T.

Rock and/or roll.

Baking some bread… that’s about it.

There’s never anything on TV is there…?


Nope :confused: might check out an episode of Taboo…


Can’t decide whether to go dawn saaf for a few dranks tonight. Smashing the fash tomorrow in Dalston. Then going to a rave in Bristol because I have no self control, so maybe a quiet one tonight. Can’t decide what to eat either.


Is that meant to be good?

I’ll probably end up watching a film later, don’t know what though… Which usually ends up with me watching some right crap


Waiting for someone in the US to reivew some code so I can push it in this fortnight’s release. Starting to regret forging closer ties with our team over there…

Also, ‘fortnight’ is not a word 'murcans understand.


Not really, slim pickins though innit!




finally been paid. getting a takeaway in stat before anyone realises we owe all this month’s spare income to last month’s credit card bill


Do you know if house of cards or SKAM are any good?
May watch Alfred Hitchcock presents… :confused:


house of cards is #decent. sometimes brilliant but sometimes a bit rubs.


It’s not something where I need to watch 17 hours to get into it do I… :frowning:


nah i don’t think so. i’ve only just started watching season 2. think i pretty much enjoyed it from the off. i;m not the type to persevere


Listening to funk, writing and wondering should I go to a west coast hip-hop night for an hour later. Have to go to a friend’s house for drinks and don’t particularly want to bring a bag of cans into the venue with me on the way.


Original is brilliant, not seen remake. Dunno what skam is.

El wiferino wants to watch interstellar but i know im going to hate it.




May give it a spin. Ta. :thumbsup:


quick pint with colleague then back home to see the mrs’s new hair-do coz i hear it’s hot. pretty great


just relaxing… had a super stressful day with lots of meetings and classes and had to clean bird shit off my bike saddle … but I got through it all and feel fine. i cycled home with my boyfriend and I think for the first time in ages I felt genuine joy.



That bad eh?