Freitag Nacht

what ya doing?

Fancy a beer but feel grotty so will stay in and watch some shite tv. Anything on?


Gonna watch the rugby on TV and have a few beers and a G&T.

Rock and/or roll.

Baking some bread… that’s about it.

There’s never anything on TV is there…?

Nope :confused: might check out an episode of Taboo…

Can’t decide whether to go dawn saaf for a few dranks tonight. Smashing the fash tomorrow in Dalston. Then going to a rave in Bristol because I have no self control, so maybe a quiet one tonight. Can’t decide what to eat either.

Is that meant to be good?

I’ll probably end up watching a film later, don’t know what though… Which usually ends up with me watching some right crap

Waiting for someone in the US to reivew some code so I can push it in this fortnight’s release. Starting to regret forging closer ties with our team over there…

Also, ‘fortnight’ is not a word 'murcans understand.

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Not really, slim pickins though innit!

finally been paid. getting a takeaway in stat before anyone realises we owe all this month’s spare income to last month’s credit card bill

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Do you know if house of cards or SKAM are any good?
May watch Alfred Hitchcock presents… :confused:

house of cards is #decent. sometimes brilliant but sometimes a bit rubs.

It’s not something where I need to watch 17 hours to get into it do I… :frowning:

nah i don’t think so. i’ve only just started watching season 2. think i pretty much enjoyed it from the off. i;m not the type to persevere

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Listening to funk, writing and wondering should I go to a west coast hip-hop night for an hour later. Have to go to a friend’s house for drinks and don’t particularly want to bring a bag of cans into the venue with me on the way.

Original is brilliant, not seen remake. Dunno what skam is.

El wiferino wants to watch interstellar but i know im going to hate it.



May give it a spin. Ta. :thumbsup:

That bad eh?

It’s not bad to start off with, but then it is. And then it gets worse. Then it gets farcical.

I suggested weiner dog but tv says we dont have enough booze to watch a todd solondz film…

You watched Toni erdmann?
That’s pretty funny.