Freitag Oktober 4


Last day of the week for many of us. That’s a lovely thing.

Working from home today but also working on an arty kinda shoot thing doing some of the sideline stuff plus also a morning of signal reset observations at Cheshunt Station. Quite the day.

Mother in law staying over. Probably staying over tonight too, possibly Saturday as well.

Nothing else to report.

Morning @he_2, @Epimer and subsequent posters.

I am in Bristol (hurrah) - for a town planning conference (oh)


Have to leave in 5 minutes but feel quite poor.
Achey and shakey and sweaty and sore.

Deeply, deeply, cost benefit analysis this morning. Such high levels of cost benefit analysis.


had to read this multiple times before I understood what you were on about

WFH again

home alone this evening

Might get a bit lonely :sob:

No, external project managment guy at work who’s project has been badly mismanaged and who is a textbook workplace bully, I will not be spending two weekends travelling and a full week in Kenya at virtually no notice. Happy Friday to you too.

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Morning all. Last day in work before a week off, so that’s nice. Think I’ve managed to get everything in a position where I can leave early, but clearly something will crop up at the last minute to foil that plan, won’t it?


Don’t think I can dry anything indoors in the new place because it means instant condensation which is SAD.

Off to the airport straight from work to fly to Inverness, which is funnn. Running the Loch Ness marathon on Sunday, which will hopefully be fun and not in biblical wind and rain. :crossed_fingers:

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In the five minutes between leaving the house and getting to the station, my train has got nine minutes later. This is an outrage

Wednesday morning, within the space of getting through the barriers and getting to the platform at CPK the train had gone from 3 to 19 minutes delayed. Then it was cancelled.

Fucking hate trains.

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drinking great coffee and just eaten 2 pain au chocolats. what a life!

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It’s now up to 15 minutes and behind the next train. I’m not sure this is actually possible.

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Finally remembered to wear a coat and scarf. Listening to ABBA. About to get breakfast and cwoffee. Good day so far.

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Can’t wait to get home and have fish and chips and play Dirt 4.

I was the first in my office today. I finish work at 12.00 so my cost benefit analysis is reasonably focused on the benefit analysis.

I’ll hopefully be eating an empire biscuit around 10.30.

Need to go to the shops for milk and get my flu jab later.

Making a shepherd’s pie tonight. Might watch a film.

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It’s a callback to a few weeks ago

Ffs, think I might need to make empire biscuits this weekend now. Stupid country.

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And now I’ve got a cyber security issue to report.

I put on my robe and wizard hat