It’s finally arrived!!

What is your favourite thing that has happened this week?
What are you doing this weekend?
What are you looking forward to next week?


  • stars of the lid
  • meilyr jones
  • nothing


Stars of the lid live

Super league grand final tomorrow, Swans live in Sunday

Quite busy at work next week tbh :frowning:
But after that I’m on jury Service for 2 weeks :thumbsup:


What is your favourite thing that has happened this week?

Seeing I, Daniel Blake

What are you doing this weekend?

Weekend starts today: gonna get a nice lunch in town, see the Bjork exhibition, then go BMXing. Tomorrow is my birthday so going for a long bike ride and getting pizza. More of vaguely the same planned for Sunday.

What are you looking forward to next week?

Seeing My Scientology Movie, going to the Isle of Wight.


Bit of a sad list to be honest:

Fave thing this week, getting loads of annoying jobs done from my to do list at work :office:

Weekend: Mrs s has a friend visiting, gonna Skype my mum.

Next week: Can’t think of a single thing that’s happening. Ooh yeah might be playing bridge on Monday

yo baby yo baby yo baby YO

this week - bending one in from 28yds. I do this all the time tbh, but this one went in off the bit between crossbar and post, which is the sweetest of sweet ways to score, as you know

weekend - no, nothing. probably laying in bed sick as a bitch

next week - birthday drinks with some ATD’s

good morning!


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oh actually…next week - gonna start my eat for 5 days for a tenner or less challenge

not really a challenge though, is it…piece of piss really, bro. more deets to follow

As others have said, SOTL were great.
No plans this weekend (board games, Xcom 2)
Arab Strap and Holy Fuck


favourite thing to happen this week: got my hair cut, much better now and lots of people have said they like it so that’s good

weekend: current plans are:

  • go to the sorting office to pick up a parcel
  • probably go into town after that?
  • watch the F1
  • some other stuff presumably

looking forward to next week: it being over - have an absolute nightmare of a week at work ahead so the sooner that’s done with the better

tbh though the bacon roll i’m just eating is rivaling the haircut for best thing this week, well good

Morning! Got the full “feinting to ram you, headlights flashing” treatment from a white van driver this morning. Mate, there’s three lorries overtaking three other lorries right in front of me. You can see that. The fuck do you expect me to do about it? @eems, any insights?

Favourite thing this week: winning a Netrunner tournament, because I’m a super cool person.

Weekend: getting some sleep, doing another nerdy card game tournament on Saturday. $500 if I win! (I’m not going to win)

Next week: I’ll be happy when it’s next Friday, tbqfh. Have to go to The fackin’ Hague Monday/Tuesday, and will need the rest of the week after that to catch up. It’s going to be a tiring one.

Morning ssf, morning all.

Favourtie thing this week - not had a drink all week (pathetic yes but pretty chuffed with myself)
This weekend - drinking!! out to my favourite curry house tonight, sweet. probably golf or summit.
Looking forward to next week - not drinking again.

Hallochen! Back to Glasgow from wee Berlin jaunt. Interview went well! Big birthday beers tonight followed by Scotland vs Lithuania tomorrow

jesus man! JESUS

fuck aye, we’re playing lithuania.

how’s berlin been?

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not drinking all week is sweet as, dude. well done my man!

used to drink 4-5 times a week and felt fucking dreadfully grumpy and depressed… cut that shit right down and feel so much more ALIVE.

in summary - drinking all the time is a bit shit and makes you a shit human as a result

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-Nice meal with friends last saturday
-Sunshine Underground gig next saturday

cheers ma man,
in the last few months just been getting into the habit of a bottle of wine here and a bottle of wine there, few beers after work etc, only allowing myself maybe 1 or 2 days a week not drinking.
have noticed a considerable upturn in productivity for myself :slight_smile:

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yeah, it should definitely be the other way round for true jazz life, man

again, nice one dude

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