:pizza: ordered
:no_entry_sign: :beer:
:sleeping_bed: :clock930:



Bought :pizza: and :beers:
Netflix added Hellboy :japanese_ogre: so gonna watch that


Gonna cook a korma in a bit :fire: :fire: :fire:


feel awful. i would really like to have a bath and then go to bed, but we don’t have a bath :frowning:


Alright Eric

Had a pint in a beautiful country pub. Now drinking a pint of a local beer Red Cat McCavity if you were wondering. Gonna have pizzer and then watch some rugbyball with some more beer. Might even have a G&T later


On the train to Liverpool. Got some STBs* from M&S

*Standard Train Beers


another one for pizza

thikn I’m going to watch a stupid comedy or two. anyone got any suggestions?


What are your STBs? I always go for tins of M&S Mosaic Pale Ale if there’s an M&S around


Heading home.
Maybe a beer.
Definitely a burger.
And a bath.
And bed.


I’m already in bed with a packet of Reese’s peanut butter cups.


Fao of @profk

1 x Aubergine
Garlic roasted aubergine, crispy parmesan, fresh basil.

1 x Cheezus Walks
Fior di latte mozzarella, gorgonzola, ricotta & basil pesto, finished with crumbled parmesan & black pepper (no tomato)


Casually asked one friend in our group chat if he ever recovered his pair of €300 headphones that he lost a few years ago. Turns out they were another friend’s headphones. A friend that was in the group chat. Who didn’t know the headphones had been lost.

I’m glad I’m going to the Cork City game because I cannot handle the fucking fallout from that. There’s going to be war.


There’s a very high chance this will be my exact evening :grinning:
Although my buddy might be coming round with a smoke which will change plans somewhat.
Well, the two of us stoned and listening to bob Dylan all night


chinese style duck and pancakes innit

then banana pancakes

it’s a pancake festival

also rewatching fringe and working on My Projects while the mrs is out dancin

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as if there could be any other answer


Mate you arent having pizza!


but i wish it for others.

i have had too much pizza lately. me and pizza is like you and burritos


i.e. fully capable of hitting two whole ones in a day :’(


Gone for the old Citra IPAs m9.