French Open 2021 🎾

Main draw starts on Sunday. 2nd Roland Garros in 9 months, what a treat for us all :partying_face:

Barty’s continuing to be a consistent but unspectacular 1, she skipped it last year so kinda feels like her and Swiatek are both defending the title. Halep’s injured. Osaka’s skipping press but wouldn’t have to do much anyway if her clay form holds.

Nadal’s aiming for #14 and theyve built him a (cursed?) statue. Tsitsipas is having a great clay season and is in the soft half of the draw.

Here are the singles draws:

who’s gonna watch?

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oh yeah forgot to @ @colinfilth

to win

  • Swiatek
  • Barty
  • Sabalenka
  • Osaka
  • Muguruza
  • Serena
  • Other

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  • Nadal
  • Djokovic
  • Tsitsipas
  • Thiem
  • Other

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I like the statue.

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Was reading abput the Osaka media sthff yesterday thought the lack of support from the top players was BS, saying ‘its just part of the game’. Yeah but doesnt have to be and shouldnt have to be at the expense of player’s Mental Health. Hope Osaka wins

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Think she could’ve worded her statement much better, ‘I’m not going to subject myself to people who doubt me’ sounds a bit obnoxious and maybe detracts from the message idk

I’ve always thought that pressers must be incredibly annoying to do though, so many totally inane and repeated questions, if i was a player who could afford the fines then I’d skip them loads. I like reading the transcripts when something good comes out of them but that’s pretty rare. Hope this leads to ‘a conversation’ about changing the format of them

Thiem OUT

already no slam winners left in the bottom half. more pressure on Tsitsipas

Have been loving it today. Slightly gutted for Thiem but world class stuff from Andujar; thoroughly deserved in the end.

Osaka v Tig was a great watch earlier too. Now on Otte v Zverev and it’s nice and tight - some fucking mighty hits.

What’s interesting about the press conference thing is how fixated all sports organisations are about these media obligations. They’re very rarely interesting, and I’d be be surprised if they made much difference to the amount of people watching the actual event. Which makes me wonder why it’s so important to them? Presumably it comes down to money, but I don’t get it.


really hope Otte knocks the domestic abuser out here

just realised this wasn’t the smartest choice of words, obv wasn’t trying to make a joke

going well anyway :+1:

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Had no idea about the allegations against Zverev. Would be wonderful if Otte won anyway, for the sport. But yes, crossing all fingers morally now too.

tsitsipas is the noise to attract a cat.
very lucky

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the response from the slams was incredibly OTT, guess they’re worried that other players who can afford it will follow suit and we’ll end up with a situation where the star players are entirely controlling their media output rather than partially doing it through slam approved journalists

I totally agree with Osaka that players should be granted press exemption for mental health reasons, and that the press conference format needs to be reconsidered.

only issue I have is that her initial statement appeared to conflate struggling with your mental health with ‘experiencing doubt in your ability an athlete, or your chances of winning a given match’ which isn’t helpful imo. guess there are two separate discussions to be had about how the athletes can be better protected and how mental health is best defined


I imagine though, that as an an athlete, experiencing doubt in your own ability would trigger some sort of maleficent mental health state. If her mental health is impaired by feelings of doubt exacerbated by press conferences, then I don’t see a problem with conflating them in the context of a competition.

the two things aren’t completely separate but they are still v different imo. like, the reason e.g. Nadal is so successful is partly because of his extreme levels of self belief. most other players will doubt themselves sometimes, especially when they play him, but that doesn’t mean they’re mentally unhealthy! it’s just part and parcel of the sport

obviously for a lot of players i’m sure those feelings are correlated w their mental wellbeing, as you said, but i still think it’s important to draw the distinction

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don’t wanna get too nitpicky about it tho as by and large i support Osaka and the response from the slams has infuriated me

Yeah, I get what you’re saying. But I also don’t think it’s for us, or the Slams, to make judgements about her - or anybody else’s! - mental health. If that’s how they impact her then that’s that. I guess there’s some sort of contractual obligation to do press, which is bullshit IMO, and it’s a shame that it now appears she’s been bullied into it. Can’t help but wonder if the slams would be conducting this process in the same way if she was male.


It’s difficult - like you said, consideration of the mental health of players should be of paramount importance, and some journalists are better than others in this regard. At the same time, Naomi’s stance feels a little less in service to the good of the sport, and more symptomatic of some personal struggles (which I hope she overcomes soon).

The sport thrives on getting to know the players, whether they’re going through good or bad times, and media duties are a big part of that. And yeah, the way Osaka worded a few things like you quoted doesn’t sit that well. An interview question as innocuous as “So, do you think you’ve got what it takes to win tomorrow?” could technically be an invocation of doubt for someone in a mentally fragile state, but I can’t help but feel it’s part-and-parcel of professional sport and it’s very out-of-touch to think you can remove yourself from it. Indeed, the journalists themselves may feel like the question’s a softball which allows the player to deliver a message, whether that’s to show confidence, provide an interesting perspective, etc. (that’s one of the things Swaitek mentioned in response to all this)

I like Osaka, and she’s obviously been emboldened by the other times she’s successfully driven some agendas to the forefront of the tennis/sporting conversation - so she should be, because it’s been considered, brave and thoughtful. Not so much this time, unfortunately, for my money.

As far as the tennis goes today, Kenin-Ostapenko should be pretty fun whatever happens. And, at this point, I think it’s an upset if Tsitsipas doesn’t make the men’s final.

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I just know that if I were in her position, or any other position of fame, I wouldn’t want to do press. Not even regarding mental health, I just wouldn’t want to feed the circus. Personality is immensely important on the court - the likes of Thiem and Andujar have it in spades - and I do agree that getting to know the players is pretty important for popular. But I’m always of the opinion that in sport, music, film, whatever you want to name, the craft is more important than the player. Unless we’re talking about someone like Zverev, who deserves to be derided given the domestic abuse allegations. I personally feel like Osaka hasn’t done anything worthy of ire, so her stance about press doesn’t bother me.