French Open 2021 🎾

Not to mention the last game of the 2013 Wimbledon final.

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Get some Haribo to that court, pronto!

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My running coach used to swear by jelly babies, seemed to work and all

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Can’t be dealing with all these octogenarian-demographic ads on ITV3 right now…

Never knew there were so many ways to plan a funeral.

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Just noticed that Konta has won in Nottingham. Can we look forward to another plucky, but ultimately doomed run to the semis at Wimbledon!

I put Konta in the same box as someone like Svitolina or Mertens, she’s got a decent level that won’t get her past the very best

It was kind of tongue in cheek. I think her time has been and gone somewhat.

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Just hold serve Stef ffs!

It’s the rarity that makes djokovic’s UEs so pleasurable.

Man quit with the drop shots, PLEASE!


Yeah it’s do or die time now. Time to get angry.

My confidence was misplaced

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Dunno why Stef doesn’t just start running cross court every time he hits a dropper

OK even if Stef loses this, he has balls

Edit: yup

Ah well. Good riddance to that red muck. Bring on the proper tennis.


So frustrating that Thiem, Medvedev and Tsitsipas have all recently taken Rafa or Novak to 5 in a slam final and still lost

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Is there a Wimbledon thread?

I was watching the Kyrgios match and it ended at 11, but all the other matches were suspended earlier, why is that?

there is!

that one could continue later because of the roof on court 1, others were suspended because of bad light i guess