French Open 2021 🎾

If Djokovic wins this it would at least be funny if he did it after five sets. In front of nobody.

nice to see Rafa is spanking the antivaxer. very nice.

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It’s beautiful. It won’t last mind.

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I mean this is the worst set of tennis I’ve seen Djokovic play in something like a decade.

But I hope he can surpass it in the next set.

sort of admire nadal fans cos I dunno how anyone could muster excitement for someone winning something when they’ve already won it 13 times. leaves me totally cold

Ah come on shrewbs :wink:

I mean I’m a recent convert, but… you can see it. I know you can.

And maybe it’s an age thing, but I’m old enough to remember the awe at Sampras making 14 GS titles, and the idea that a player could tick that off at one slam (one Sampras never had a prayer of winning) is quite funny.

Let’s face it Nadal is humiliating Djokovic here.

I think maybe I’ve had too many vodkas this evening. Time to shut up for a bit :smiley:

why don’t you like me shrewbs :frowning:

Mate we’re all friends here. Team Not Djokovic.

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how could you dislike that smile

I mean there’s a semi-serious point here. Djokovic has the MEN’S record for most weeks at number one in the rankings. But the two players ahead of him in the slam title list are indisputably the greatest two tennis players of the open era. It’s just nice to see things settling the right way somewhere.

This is going to be a doozy from shrewbie. He’s been drafting it for ages.

Oh ffs Djokovic is doing his thing isn’t he. :roll_eyes:

I don’t dislike him, prefer watching him to novak these days. I just watch sport for drama and intrigue and when something feels like a foregone conclusion from the start I lose interest pretty fast

especially when every single round he plays gets televised even when there’s very little chance he’ll even drop a set

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But you know that going two sets up against Nole is just a provocation.

I’m not bored by Nadal’s success, even watching right now it remains astonishing how hard it is to keep him on the defensive on clay.

Djokovic is also a great though. Seems I’m in the minority here in wanting a great match rather than a pasting!

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