French Open 2021 🎾

wasn’t referring to this match, more the tournament in general. matches between these two are usually really compelling even tho I’m not arsed about the outcome

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There is just no way this match is not going to be dramatic. The first game took about an hour ffs.

You think Stef has a chance?

Here we go.

I hope so but the semi final made me feel less confident. think there’s a decent chance he’ll get battered

Don’t think he has the pure power to get through either of these two.

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hard to gauge cos they don’t play eachother as often as they used to but feel like a few years ago djokovic had a fighting chance against rafa on clay and since then it’s become more one sided

This is going to five. I can just feel it in my bones. [Jelena’s got her mask almost over her nose and everything]


Tiebreak time. God this is good

Missed the last 2 sets cos of the football, woah

Third set one of the classic sets honestly. Djokovic basically redlined to stay ahead until 5-4 and serving for it, then Nadal produced some of his trademark banana passes to break back and save break points in the next game. Djokovic then saved set point at 5-6, and the tiebreak had some ridiculous points too.

Tons of variety too - winners, lobs, funny net exchanges. I’ve got Turkey in my office Euro sweepstake, but no way I was leaving this match :open_mouth:

Wait it was 97 minutes long??
Caught the end of the tb at least

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This is absolutely great.

Level has dropped a tiny bit in the fourth so far. But it’s still really intense.

Edit. Djokovic shot depth is relentless, Nadal needs to find his serving again.

This seems fair. Not seen much of it since the end of the second set, but Nadal isn’t 100% Nadal and Djokovic has found himself. Unless there’s a massive turnaround in form this title belongs to the obnoxious little prick.

bloody hell

horrible last game from nadal

eurosport commentators sound devastated :smiley:

This is the era of Trump, Johnson and Djokovic. Nice things are now prohibited.

It’d be funny if Tsitsipas squeaked it wouldn’t it? Won’t happen, it’ll be straights.

Women’s final should be great though.

Fair play to Djokovic, that was amazing.


Sad for it to end like that. Nadal found the serving yips and late-match tiredness that affected him against Tsitsipas at the Australian Open.

But the overall quality has been mad, that second and third set especially

Yeah he played like a fucked-up old man, albeit a very very gifted fucked-up old man. Comes to them all eventually.